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" Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing

Master classes:

Portable solar power station for camping, hiking

This is a fully-fledged miniature solar power station. The thing is extremely useful in the conditions of a campaign, outdoor recreation and everywhere where there is no electricity and there is sunlight. With it you can pump up an air mattress or a boat, take a shower or

Cooking river fish at the stake - fried crucian carp licking fingers

Camping is often accompanied by the preparation of barbecue. When the pork and chicken are fed up, start the fish. A resident of water bodies is very susceptible to roasting on fire and the composition of the marinade. In these moments you need to be careful not to

Do-it-yourself portable miracle oven from an old canister

Cooking outdoors is rarely accompanied by comfort. You need to collect a lot of firewood, hammer in pegs with a crossbar for hanging the pot, to rake in the heat, etc. As a result, the usual preparation of shurpa or fish soup turns into a complex action.

How to light a fire with a plastic bag

Experienced tourists know several ways of kindling fire in the forest without matches and lighters, but they all require great physical effort and special equipment. We offer one more, you do not need to rub anything, the sun will work.

How to open a tin can with a spoon

Many have encountered a situation where there is nothing to open a tin can - either there is no special can opener in the kitchen, or they forgot to take it for a picnic. There is a simple and fairly safe method, it can be used for all cans, not

Self-sustaining bonfire of long burning

Tourists and travelers, fishermen and hunters often stay in the forest at night, it’s dangerous and uncomfortable to spend the night without a bonfire. But how to maintain its long burning, and to rest yourself? There is an original solution, though it will have to be implemented

How to make a scout bonfire (smokeless bonfire)

The secrecy of the fire is provided not only by the technology of its breeding, but by the correct choice of time and specific place. It is better to kindle in the early morning with fog or in the late evening, skillfully use the features of the terrain. To choose

Smoking fish while fishing: fast, easy, tasty. My report

This year I was lucky to spend part of my spring vacation on a forest river. Going fishing with tents with a group of friends is a special kind of pleasure. Our camp was not permanent, during the week-long journey we changed three places

Portable gas heated shower for camping

Resting in nature in tents or using a cramped caravan, one can only dream of a hot soul. Tourists usually use a suspended container of water, which is heated under the sun, but it is warm only after lunch and until the evening.

How to make a folding pocket stove for cooking on the go

Going fishing or camping, there is a need to cook hot food in nature. Usually, a large pot suspended above a fire or a tourist gas burner is used for this. In the first case, you need to collect a lot of firewood, and in

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes in the forest without special equipment

Mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, ticks, and other blood-sucking brethren can spoil the impression of outdoor recreation, fishing, picking mushrooms, or just walking in the forest. It’s good if you have a spray can in your pocket with “Data” or another repellent.

7 ways to make a bonfire in nature

It is a pity to tears, being in the woods among the trees, not being able to make a fire, especially if a cold and hungry night awaits you ahead. Growing trees have high humidity and in order for them to light up, quite

How to make a flint of two metals

Flinty - a pretty interesting thing. In stores specializing in this kind of goods, of which only shapes, sizes and types they are not. Do not list everything. I acquire flint quite often, as it is indispensable and very practical in the forest. Leaves

DIY alcohol

An integral part of any long trip is a bonfire. Tourists often use dry fuel for quick ignition. However, if a tourist chemist goes on a hike, then in his arsenal for ignition there is something more interesting - solid alcohol.

How to make waterproof matches

Going on a hike or on a long fishing trip overnight for several days, you need to prepare for bad weather and protect the matches from getting wet. Of course, you can store them in special airtight boxes, but plastic containers

5 ways to sharpen a knife without a sharpener in the field

It is more convenient, productive and safer to use a sharp knife, which can only be achieved by sharpening correctly performed. When working with a blunt tool, you have to put a lot more effort than is required for the

Flint from empty lighters

How favorably the ferrocerium flint differs against the background of other means of producing fire, many articles have already been written and videos have been shot. To get a fire in extreme conditions, even in wet weather, with at least some desire, can be quite easy. Ways

DIY heated insoles

Insoles with electric heating are a truly magnificent thing that will especially appeal to those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, waiting for a bus at a bus stop or for other reasons. Really like this homemade fishermen or hunters.

How to assemble your EDC kit

Spring is just around the corner, which means that soon lovers of hiking trips will begin to prepare their gear for travel. However, some lovers of this type of outdoor activity do not stop even in winter - I know from myself ... With me, what time of year I wouldn’t

Let's do a hike: do-it-yourself folding fork spoon

There are plenty of folding tools for picnics, fishing and hiking. One of the most important, in my opinion, is a folding set with many options. In a good set, in addition to the knife blade itself, there may be a fork

Three options for making a Finnish log candle

A Finnish or Scandinavian candle is a campfire construction common among hunters and fishermen, consisting of one vertically installed thick log. It can be used for lighting, heating and cooking.

DIY tactical flint

High-quality and good tactical flint in an online store is not cheap, not to mention ordinary stores - eyes are forehead from their requests. After all, in fact, what is a tactical flint? This is a ferrocerium rod, approximately 5 × 50 mm. and

DIY folding table for fishing

Going fishing, you have to get by with minimal equipment. During long fishing it is very inconvenient to constantly bend to the ground to take bait, bait or other equipment. I suggest, as quickly as possible from cheap

Pocket chain saw

Going on a long journey, fishing with an overnight stay, hunting, or just relaxing, many fishermen, hunters and tourists load a small chainsaw in the luggage of the car. Most often, this is a small delimber to cut a cracker into a supply of firewood. BUT
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