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Mobile table from the usual

You have a rather successful kitchen furniture, which usually stands in the corner - it does not bother anyone. When guests arrive, or it is time for the whole family to eat, you begin to move it to a convenient place. An even more exotic problem: to decompose

Padding a computer chair

In the process of using furniture, sooner or later it becomes worthless. If the budget of your family cannot allow the replacement of old furniture, then this can be solved by self-repair. As an example, imagine a computer chair. More precisely hauling

Wooden shelf

Do-it-yourself furniture has always pleased home craftsmen, especially if this furniture has been actively used in everyday life. Not every master is capable of making unique furniture, but such a thing as a bathroom shelf can do

The second life of the stool

It so happens that over the years the furniture wears out and loses its appearance. In this article we will try to give a new life and design look to an old stool. From the materials we need: -PVA glue; Woolen thread - brush;

Breathe life into the old mirror

Probably every person has some kind of old-old thing, which is a pity to throw away. It is often difficult to place such a thing somewhere, because it does not look anywhere and only spoils the entire interior. So it is with me. While cleaning the apartment I got

Chair Restoration

In my country house, there was a chair for a long time, since my grandmother's times. I always liked it very much, and then a plan for its restoration matured. Moreover, in recent years, “vintage” has become increasingly important. Then I decided to transport it

Restoration of an old cabinet

Each of us has ever faced a decision on the future life of old things that in no way fit into the modern interior. Sometimes it’s a pity to part with old furniture - because it is of good quality and is associated with old memories. If

Lightweight pendant lampshade

Now we will make a light hanging lampshade for a small room - a small kitchen or hallway. This lampshade is made in ethnic style, which has recently become very popular. It is very appropriate in a country house, in the country, where sometimes

Watches for children

To make a watch you will need: an eraser, a ruler, double-sided tape, brushes, watercolor paints, an old watch, a battery, a screwdriver, a piece of paper, a burning device, a pencil, a container of water and a blank for plywood. Harvesting is possible

Salt night light

Once having visited the fabulous salt caves of Soledar, we brought home a relatively small piece of salt as a trophy. And knowing that the salt lamp is not just amazingly beautiful and bewitching, but also very

Restoration of an old lampshade

Very often during the repair of money for such trifles as a new lamp, it simply does not remain. Therefore, today we will try to transform the old ceiling so that it fits well into the updated interior. Three walls in the room are covered with plain wallpaper, and

Children's furniture - highchair

The child grows, new needs appear: a highchair, for example. It turned out that in the store a quality thing costs at least 4000 rubles. And safety is the most important thing.

Homemade decorative glass lamps

Hello. I make lamps with my own hands from different types of decorative glass. I think that he doesn’t need an explanation - everything is simple and clear. I will make it for you to order.


If you have crashed an old lampshade from a night lamp or you just want to give it a unique look, then you can make a beautiful lampshade with your own hands. For this you will need: PVA glue, scissors, a balloon, a pen, a needle, tight threads,

Narrow bathroom cabinet

The cut chipboard, using an old iron, is glued with a paper edge. Aligning one edge of the edge to the corner of the part, with a hot iron, smooth the edge along the entire end. When heated, the glue melts and sticks to the edge. Protruding edge

Provencal style shelf

Furniture and furnishings in the Provence style today are a fashion trend. Perhaps someone wants to decorate their home with an interesting detail in this style. In order to get such an interesting little thing, it is not at all necessary to go to a special store.


Of course, this is not a simple headboard, but something useful and creative. And why only for a bed? This idea can find other applications in the interior, everything is limited only by your imagination.

Breakfast table in bed or for laptop

The breakfast table in bed is easy enough and does not require special skills. Anyone can make it. To make such a table, you will need any picture measuring 50 by 70 centimeters (finished, but if you have

Update the lamp with a new lampshade

Often things are collected in our apartments that seem to be in perfect working order, but, nevertheless, we do not use them. Sometimes they are not suitable for a new repair, they do not like family members or simply went out of fashion. But they are dear to us, and it's a pity to throw

How to make a chair from scraps of floorboard

For a long time I tried to make something with my own hands. But as always there was not enough time, then patience, then simply there was no strength. And once at work I decided: "Blood from my nose, but I come home and start to do it." The first thing that came to mind is

Mini bar that is always at hand

Funny, and most importantly - useful homemade. Nothing interferes anywhere. Guests came or wanted to skip a glass of aperitif before dinner - click on the button and everything will appear. . .

LED lampshade

It just so happens that the New Year holiday sooner or later passes and leaves behind a bunch of different garlands and decorations. I will tell you how to make the LED lampshade yourself, so that the LED garland serves for a whole year. After all, the life of the LEDs

Shoe polish

So autumn is slowly creeping up. . . And what to expect from the fall? - Naturally rain, mud and slush. Here, first of all, naturally after you, your shoes suffer. It requires daily care. To facilitate its cleaning, I will offer you

Simple designer lamp

If any of you dreamed of a stylish lamp, then this wonderful, stylish, and most importantly simple lamp for you. It will fill your room with a smooth, not conspicuous, light. It will create cosiness and warmth. And accordingly save
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