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A new image of an old wardrobe

“How nice, how fresh the roses were! ..” - a new image of the old cabinet. Each of us sooner or later faces the fact that old furniture bothers or does not meet its functions, and there is no money for new ones. However, even the acquisition of new cabinets does not

Restoring an old chair

Beautiful, durable and inexpensive furniture - this is now not found. If you need the same chair, with all these parameters, then you either need to completely do it yourself, or remake a strong grandfather chair. The first option is complex and not every one of it

Three-story shelf

A computer usually stands on a table near a wall. Together with the computer, various little things are usually used, which it is desirable to keep within easy reach. For such trifles, I propose to build a compact roomy three-story shelf,

Wooden stool

Each house should have stools. It is comfortable, multifunctional and yet amazingly simple furniture. The most interesting thing is that making a stool with your own hands will not be difficult. Of course, you will need certain skills, desire,

Shoe dryer

Everyone faced the problem of drying shoes in the winter. There are plenty of shoe dryers, but the central heating battery remains the most common. The only question is how to install shoes. I propose to make a dryer from the remains of a laminate floor

Kitchen shelf

In the kitchen there are places where there is not enough space for a full-fledged shelf, but something similar would not hurt. For example, there is usually not much space between the gas column and the stove, and even pipes pass from above. Just for such uncomfortable places I suggest

Coffee table

A huge selection of furniture for sale does not guarantee that the right model will be found. Customization will be too expensive. And to find an artist who will make everything qualitatively difficult. The way out is to make a table with your own hands. This task is not

Glue the edge on the chipboard

Cabinet furniture is assembled by many of us. And the point here is not only that it is quite profitable, but at the same time - quite simple, but also in the uniqueness of the result. After all, far from always we can go and buy exactly what is absolutely

Vertical shelf for flowers

My son, pretty guilty in front of my mother, decided thus to "suck" at her, to beg forgiveness. And the way I chose for this, it seems to me, is not quite ordinary. After all, children at his age are doing something from plasticine, I draw a picture or at bad

Second Life of a Shabby Sofa

Life does not stand still, and all things eventually become worthless, and become untidy. Prices for goods are also growing rapidly, and the financial capabilities of our compatriots do not always allow us to update our wardrobe overnight or

Decorating an old coffee table

Do you often change things in your life? Most likely, many will answer this question in the negative. And completely in vain! Sometimes even an insignificant detail can work miracles: fill life with meaning, create a positive mood, and even

Summer corner on the balcony

This master class is an embodiment of the idea. It is not necessary to have the same materials at hand that are given in the text; it is important to understand the manufacturing mechanism of the product. The note concerns the manufacture of a table suitable for

New shelf from an old box

It happens on the farm, well, it is simply necessary, a new shelf. However, this is not cheap and, as a rule, the purchase is postponed indefinitely. What to do? I think in this case our imagination and ... old vegetable box will come in handy. Not


If you like to create things with your own hands - this work may seem too simple. For those who for the first time want to try to make a useful and necessary home decoration - a win-win option. It’s hard to miss even

Case cabinet

To organize space in the hallway will help a pencil case where you can put hats, gloves, and shoes on the lower shelves. Moreover, making it yourself is not at all difficult. First you need to decide on the dimensions of the cabinet and the quantity

Bamboo wall lamp

When decorating your interior, sometimes there is a problem to choose accessories. The solution to which, can be a do-it-yourself production. We cut the bamboo. A circular saw is perfect for cutting blanks, but in principle, you can do

Soft bed for giving

To create a soft summer cottage you will need: • plastic bottles of 1.5 liters - 72 pieces; • adhesive tape; • double sided tape; • scissors; • glue "cosmofen"; • cardboard; • reel of any strong rope; • foam rubber 5cm thick; • artificial


A small wooden stool will find application in every home. With such chairs, children rush with great joy. Sitting on such a stool it is convenient to peel potatoes and perform other “sitting” work. However, they decide to buy a small stool

From an old nightstand to a dressing table

Recently, home decoration in the Provence style has gained popularity. White furniture slightly touched by artificial antiquity will give a special mood to the decoration of your home. Such furniture may appear in your home,

Decorative shelf from plywood box

To create a shelf you will need: • a wooden fruit box; • magazine tubes - 151 pieces; • a small mirror; • scissors; • double sided tape; • universal adhesive "cosmofen".

Fencing garden table

Garden furniture is always relevant for those who have at least a small garden area at their disposal. And it is not always advisable to buy ready-made models. Moreover, simple options can be done with your own hands. For example, garden

Multi-tier shelf

A multi-tier shelf consists of only 4 main parts: a wall beam, a metal zigzag bar (tube), brackets for fastening, boards for a shelf or chipboard. The number of shelves may vary depending on needs. From single-tiered to multi-tiered

Corner shelf

The corners in the room almost always remain unoccupied, but meanwhile there is enough space there to accommodate a small shelf, shelving or suspension. From a design point of view, angular arrangement gives some advantage, because similar

Restoration of an old wardrobe

Very often, old furniture is so deeply rooted in our lives that there is practically no way to part with it. This is exactly the situation with the old wardrobe at the beginning of the last century. The world around him has changed, the apartment has acquired
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