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Master classes:

Chaise lounge - rocking chair

This project may scare off the apparent scale, but in the end it is not complicated. You just need to cut a couple of parts and put them together: everything is quite simple, but in the end you will find a blissful sense of work done.

Retro style table with pipe base

In this master class, my ability to make a table with a base of iron pipes will be revealed. I made the table for the first time, and it came out very charming. I hope you enjoy it too. I assembled a frame that consisted of 4 bases. To every base

How to make a backlit mirror

This is my first master class, and I am very proud of it. I would like to share something truly interesting. This project is quite flexible, and if you have extra time for it, you can always do something more accurate or better. AT

We make a "marble" table of concrete with a basis of burnt wood

I made a coffee table from concrete that looks like marble (at least for me). The countertop is made of a ready-mixed mixture of fiberglass-reinforced concrete (glass concrete), and is poured in the form of melamine. I divided the solution into parts,

Solid wood table and bench

A custom-made walnut dining set with non-edged edges, LED lighting, glass inserts and metal legs.

DIY computer desk

Personal workspace largely determines the quality of the work performed, because it depends on it how comfortable and productive the work process will be. To a large extent, this applies to the desktop, which should be convenient for

We sew a cover on a chair with our own hands

I present to you a workshop on tailoring a chair cover. On his tailoring used old denim pants and the remains of curtain fabric. A piece of sintepon is needed on the interlayer. Its size should correspond to the size of the chair. Material

Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture restoration

When it comes to repairs, the question no doubt arises: will old furniture fit the new interior? And the answer is not always positive. Old furniture can be quite solid and suit everyone, but not at all

How to make a coffee table

We all try to make the interior of our apartment comfortable and at the same time functional. One of the main roles in creating such harmony is played by pieces of furniture, thanks to which a convenient and comfortable space is created. Coffee table -

Hemisphere shelf

Such a shelf will fit perfectly into the middle of a bare wall, remove the appearance of emptiness and make your home more comfortable and functional. Books, photo frames, various figurines and much more can be put on the shelf. The shelf has zoning, as a result you can

Floor lamp

Want to create a romantic setting? Or cozy and warm? Or maybe fun and festive? This floor lamp will definitely help you. Its advantages: - A soft light that does not hurt the eyes. - Low power consumption. - Turn on and off

Nightlight - stand

One day, after a night wake, I saw that a tree fell near my neighbor’s house. The wind was very strong and did not spare him. To clean the tree, the neighbor decided to first cut it into pieces, and then leave the truck and take it out. I was passing

Folding table

When there is not enough space in the workshop, but you need to work somewhere, you need a small table. But best for compactness is a folding or folding table. It can be made to be lowered or, as in my case, raised.

TV stand made of PVC pipes

This TV stand is very easy to manufacture. This kind of stand can be assembled in a couple of hours, the size of almost any flat-screen TV. In this particular project, I will install a 32-inch flat-screen TV.

New mirror from an old pan

The service life of some pans is quite limited: some fail after a year and a half of use. To get rid of the received kitchen utensils, not everyone raises a hand. Take your time throwing out the pans you

Canister locker

On sale you can find a variety of things made by skilled people from improvised means. For example, a very interesting idea is a canister converted into a bar cabinet. It looks impressive and costs the same. Moreover, such a thing can be done by yourself,

Simple computer desk

I’m very tired of the monotonous computer desks that are at everyone’s house like a carbon copy. And I decided to make a completely original, exclusive computer desk for my beloved, with dimensions that would be convenient for me personally. Besides,

Adjustable bookshelf

The modular adjustable bookshelf, according to this guide, is very easy to make, and you can have a fun weekend. The advantage of this shelf is an aluminum frame with tubes, which makes it easy to move racks, so they are good

Tien cutter for dust collection system

This is a Tien cutter (named after the inventor, Phil Thien), whipped up from a 20-liter bucket. The advantage of the Tien cutter is that, unlike a traditional cyclone separator, it does not require

How to assemble a kitchen cabinet

If you decide to buy and assemble a kitchen cabinet with your own hands, then this question may interest you more than ever. Why, you ask, because they will already bring me the assembled cabinet, which can only be hung up? In practice, most often all

DIY bar stool

Bar stools are a convenient attribute for tables with a height of more than 850 mm. Outwardly, they can be similar to ordinary stools, but only with elongated legs. The height of the chair should be 300 - 350 mm lower than the level of the countertop.

How to glue a kitchen cabinet with adhesive tape

I got a gift from an old kitchen wall cabinet. His frame was quite decent and it was a pity to throw out such furniture, and I wanted to save on buying new kitchen furniture, which we did not have. Then I decided to restore this

Highchair update

Sometimes furniture reminds us of childhood. Perhaps in your house there will be a battered, with peeling paint old highchair. If you throw it in the trash it is a pity, but it does not fit into the interior, it can be updated by simple

Restoration and decoupage lampshade

Now it’s becoming fashionable to decorate a house with products made independently. Unique items, interior items made in vintage style or decorated with the help of photographs, scraps from the grandmother's chest will help to make the room unusual.
«Do it yourself - do it yourself"- a site of interesting homemade products made from improvised materials and objects at home. Step-by-step master classes with photos and descriptions, technologies, examples of work - all that a real master or just a craftsman needs for needlework. Crafts of any complexity, a large selection of directions and ideas for creativity.

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