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How to fix an office chair

Cheap office chairs are not particularly durable construction. So after six months of operation, I had such an unpleasant annoyance as the armrest cracked. Cracked at the mount - it turned out to be the weakest link in the whole

How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

This need arises in the event of a temporary lack of money for the purchase of new furniture. This table is done within 25-30 minutes, if necessary, it can also be quickly disassembled.

Wooden table with wall mount

Today I will show how to make a simple table from several boards and attach it to the wall. All that we need, as usual lying around underfoot without work.

3 ways to remove scratches of any depth from a wooden surface

Scratches on a wooden surface, as well as chips and other defects are very striking. Their presence is unpleasant, but does not affect the functionality in any way, so changing the board for such minor reasons is inappropriate. To improve the external

How easy it is to move heavy furniture alone

During the general cleaning, redecorating or just rearrangements in the apartment, you often face the need to move heavy cabinet furniture: a cupboard, sideboard, sofa ... And not just move it, but also not scratch the floor, which

How to make an original ottoman with your own hands

In the modern world, where, it would seem, anything is sold and bought, it is very difficult to accustom yourself to do certain things with your own hands. But you can do anything. For example, furniture. Of course, we are not talking about how to do it now.

How to refresh an old computer chair in 1 hour

Cheap office chairs quickly become unusable. The upholstery spoils first. It gets dirty, thinner and does not take on a presentable appearance. But hurry to throw a chair in a landfill is not worth it. He can extend his life, and the furniture will last for about

Original bench made of wood

A country house with a plot opens up many opportunities for its original design and improvement. Having a large amount of dry lumber available, I decided to make a bench of solid oak. Selecting a suitable log using

Making a double bed do-it-yourself

In this article I will share with you how I managed to make a double bed. Finally, I finished the repairs in my bedroom, and it's time for the main attribute of this room - the bed. I began to search the Internet for bed options that I

Restoration of an old "killed" table

An old table, loose and shriveled, and besides, creaky, like an ungreased cart, itching hands to send to a fire or to a dump. But if you work on it a little, you can get a very good furniture accessory, such as

How to upgrade a highchair

If you have an old wooden stool of small size lying around, then it can be restored in a simple way and using all available materials. Our story was this: in our country house was an exiled highchair. He’s almost years

Floating shelves

Once my wife needed shelves in the combined bathroom.I didn’t really like the plastic and metal products that were offered in the stores, so I decided to rummage around in my garage supplies. I liked a few pieces of wood

Making a designer drawer cabinet

I will tell you about how it’s very inexpensive, with certain skills in handling wood and fabric, to create a stylish drawer cabinet. A distinctive feature of such a device is the door in the form of a mobile flexible wings. Inner shelves have more

Narrow retractable shelf

This master class will be especially useful for those who live in small one-room apartments. I will show how to make a sliding rack in the gap between the wall and the refrigerator. It would seem that there is only a few centimeters wide, but you will definitely

Table with benches for the garden

This is an excellent monolithic table set with two benches. The design provides reliable support, thanks to which everything stands smoothly and very firmly. If desired, such a kit can be assembled in a few hours.

Transformer Hanger

Do you have children? Have guests come to you? A transforming hanger will help you out and there will be enough hooks for clothes for everyone. Moreover, for children the level of hangers will be lower, they themselves will be able to hang their clothes themselves. A transforming hanger is a great thing for any family.

PVC pipe stool

Furniture design is increasingly pleased with unusual innovations, expanding the traditional perception of things. So today we bring to your attention a homemade stool made of PVC pipes, which any master can do. Go!

Simple TV table with bookshelves

At first I wanted to make a bookcase with several cells that would be hung on the wall. But after I made the first cell and realized how heavy the books would be, I decided to think about another way to solve the problem. So I came up with the idea

A cozy place to read and store books

Shelf sofa is ideal as a cozy place where you can indulge in reading a good book. The shelf consists mainly of two sheets of maple plywood with a size of 122 x 244 cm. They must be sawn into components of the following sizes ...

Large table made of plastic pipes

This is not the first time I am making something from PVC pipes. And I decided to share a new creation. As the name of the master class shows, I will tell you how to make a large table out of a hollow door and plastic pipes. Such a table can be used as you like:

Bedside "wireless" bedside table for charging gadgets

Bedside "wireless" bedside table for charging gadgets: neat and functional! This project is very simple, and it is within the power of any person who has basic skills in the field of woodworking. As for consumables, for the most part -

Bathroom shelf

An interesting and inexpensive project for your beloved. Believe me, if she likes to take a bath, then she will like this gift very much. To be able to use this shelf normally, it must be of suitable size. Therefore, pick up

Do-it-yourself garage rack

I was tired of paying for the rental of a warehouse, and I wanted to put my garage in order, so I decided it was time to make racks. At first I thought about their acquisition, but considering how much they would cost, I had the idea to make them

Simple desk with drawers

In this workshop I will show how to make an inexpensive and simple desktop with drawers from plywood, in which you can store tools and other things.
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