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How to restore a hatchet with hot glue

With the frequent use of the ax to chop wood, his ax begins to break. In the eye, the wood rots, from which the ax loosens and a wedge falls out of it. As a result, the ax flies, so before chopping it

Which cutter will take the bearing

Sometimes there is a need to groove the outer ring of the bearing along the diameter or end. Given the high hardness of bearing steel, which cutter should be selected for this operation on a lathe?

How to make an anvil from an old piece of rail

The anvil is a supporting blacksmith tool on which cold and hot processing of metals associated with plastic deformation is performed. It is not necessary to buy a small anvil; you can make it yourself mainly from the old

How to knock a bearing race out of a housing without special tools

It happens when the bearing crumbles in the case of the mechanism, so when removing it is impossible to catch on its cage. In this case, neither pullers nor breakdowns will help. However, there is a tricky way to remove the clip even if it is left without

How to cut a flat hole with a grinder

At home, only a grinder will help to quickly and accurately make a large diameter hole in steel. Of course, you can drill it around the perimeter with a thin drill, and then grind the perforated edge for a long time, but this takes time.

Two-in-one drill stand: drill and grinder

Not everyone can afford to buy a drilling machine in the garage for amateur use, because for self-made ones I offer my step-by-step instructions for making a wooden stand for a drill, a bonus is the possibility of processing with

Little tricks for great good

Many people know how much time is wasted searching for a particular tool, hardware, etc. Each item must have its own permanent place, one must be convenient, universal and affordable. There are some tips for making basic

Powerful milling machine from the washing machine engine

Milling machines are widely used in furniture production and, since they belong to professional equipment, are not cheap. Among them, the most versatile and widely used - submersible (vertical or bar) milling cutter, which can be made

Very simple grinding machine made from available materials

The disc grinder from the entire list of workshop equipment has the simplest design. In this regard, such a tool can be done independently, and the money saved can be spent on something else. Homemade Grinding Machine

How to make a super grinder from an ordinary grinder yourself

The purchase of a factory-made belt sander is costly. Also, the industrial grinder has large dimensions and for its installation a significant area may be required. But there is an opportunity to make this

Powerful microwave electromagnet

Using a crane beam, it is easy to move steel parts around the room: quickly and effortlessly.That's just most often these parts have a completely different shape, and fixing them with a strapping is extremely convenient, sometimes not even possible. To do this, we offer to collect

An elementary way to repair a rusted tool

Over time, even tool steel products with alloyed additives rust, especially if they are rarely used and stored in an insufficiently dry and ventilated place. How to remove rust from tools, if anyway

DIY electric grinder

The grinder is an excellent tool for improvement. Its design is well suited for connecting various accessories that completely change the functionality of angle grinders. Many of these nozzles can be made with your own hands. An example of this is a removable reciprocating

Simple bike rack for bicycle

In the presence of angle grinders, you can cut, grind and cut many materials - wood, metal, stone, tile, etc. But what about when you need to cut long lashes into pieces and ensure accuracy of trimming. This requires complex and

Do-it-yourself thin-walled transparent plastic parts

The technology of molding in silicone molds is not new, but in order to master it perfectly, you need to strictly follow a certain sequence of actions. Consider an example of how you can make a shape and pour a car flashlight into it using translucent

5 joiner's life hacks to the master

Some life hacks are not only original, but quite useful and greatly facilitate the life of an amateur master. Let's consider some of them.

2 grinding nozzles from the anchor

A burnt anchor from a grinder or other power tool is usually sent to the acceptance of scrap metal, but it can also be used with greater benefit by making a grinding nozzle. It is weighty, has good balance and a very good shape for

How to completely clean and lubricate a drill

The main danger for an electric drill is dust that has entered the body. An anchor, a button, a speed regulator, etc. are jammed from it. Therefore, after each very dusty operation, the tool should be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. If this is not

How to make a polishing wheel from an old jeans at no cost

For the manufacture of cloth polishing wheels, bumazeya, calico, cloth, cotton, tarpaulin, etc. are most often used. But it is preferable to make them from old denim because of its widespread use and properties such as

5 devices that will turn your drill and grinder into a radically different tool

Many people have a drill, screwdriver or grinder. To increase the return and save money, you can purchase adapters and nozzles, as a result, the functionality will expand and there will be no need to purchase special tools and equipment.

How to increase the functionality of a grinder with a removable snap

The versatility of angle grinders or grinders can be judged by at least the most popular equipment for it - discs that are divided into cutting (abrasive and diamond), peeling (cord brushes), cleaning, grinding (with a thickness of 6 mm or more), grinding and

How to make comfortable toothbrush handles for files

Files are smaller versions of files and are designed to work with small parts. The most common straight single-end tools, one side of which has a working notch, and the other is a long cylindrical

How to turn an electric motor anchor into an effective tool

From the rotor of a burned-out brush motor, on the basis of which almost all electric tools are assembled - grinders, drills, hammer drills, drills, electric saws, etc. - an interesting and practical tool can be made that can

Home-made jigsaw base - perfect cutter

Performing a straight, straight cut with a budget jigsaw is not at all easy. The reasons are simple - backlashes in a jigsaw, file removal, a little experience of the master. All these reasons can easily be eliminated with a homemade bed with guides for the base.
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