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How to close a ball valve if it is jammed

Imagine that you have a drip mixer in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and you are not able to shut off the water. The cold water ball valve, which is installed at the beginning of your wiring from the riser, does not close completely. Familiar situation?

How to just sharpen any razor

This is a very good way to save your money. Every person who shaves with a razor with interchangeable blades, such as a Gillette, knows very well how much one interchangeable cartridge costs. The price is truly cosmic, although reusable, but in my opinion

How to remove a broken bolt or stud from a deep hole

When a bolt or stud breaks off and remains deep in the hole, the position seems hopeless. This happens if: apply excessive force to the key; the hardware turned out to be defective (for example, the presence of an internal microcrack); the puff was

A simple way to solder aluminum

This is an incredibly simple way to solder aluminum you can imagine. With the help of it, anyone, at home or in the garage, can easily repair and restore any aluminum products, without any argon welding. You will be without difficulty

How to clean herring quickly and without bones

Cleaning herring is one of the most unpleasant procedures in the kitchen. There is a lot of fuss to extract numerous bones from this fish, and it will also permeate the whole kitchen, cutting board and hands with a fishy smell. But there is technology that will help clear herring

How to get a key chip from a lock

In life, there are many cases where failure catches a surprise. And basically, a person is not ready for it. For example, it so happened that a key broke in the lock and a piece remained inside the lock cylinder. What to do? Well, naturally, if a chip sticks out

Easy way to unscrew the grinder nut

A quite common problem for those who use a grinder is a angle grinder, a cutting disc breaks and tightly clamps the clamping nut. And the most interesting thing is that sometimes it is almost impossible to unscrew the nut either with a special angle grinder or with a gas wrench, or something else. What if

How to unscrew a lapped screw

This is a very common problem when the slots for a screwdriver are screwed off with a screw, screw or self-tapping screw. This can happen for various reasons: the screwdriver was incorrectly selected, the force was not applied correctly, and so on. As a result, it would seem that the situation is almost

We increase the efficiency of the trimmer: we change the fishing line to a chain from a chainsaw

Being the owner of a gas trimmer, I drew attention to the fact that the fishing line, even the thickest, does not cope with young shoots (especially there are a lot of it around tree trunks). You can use knives, but they are not suitable for thin grass (a

“Zero” and “earth”: what is the fundamental difference?

Historically, it happened that in the Russian Federation, as well as in the neighboring countries, the grounding principle is used when the neutral conductor is connected to the grounding circuit. Many people may have a “legitimate” question: if they

A quick way to install posts

It is quite possible to save time and effort in the work of installing wooden poles if you resort to this simple and simple technique. So, right to the point, what is the trick. The usual, classical method, involves digging a well, installing

Seven Ways to Unscrew a Broken Bolt or Stud

Personally, I have repeatedly encountered a problem when a bolt or stud breaks under the root. Moreover, I am not some kind of auto mechanic or locksmith. All this I say to the fact that this quite happens with an ordinary person who periodically has

How to just sharpen a meat grinder

This method of sharpening the knives of a meat grinder is available to everyone. He will not require specialized tools or devices from you, because of this it will take a minimum of preparation and you can start to sharpen almost immediately. This is the easiest and

How to change the valve under pressure

In plumbing, like any other repair work, there are many nuances. Technically, this work is understandable and predictable, but you can’t foresee everything. Incidents can happen at the most inopportune moment and you need to be prepared for them.

How to install an outlet if there are short wires

Over time, in Soviet homes, sooner or later, it is necessary to change the sockets. They are shaky, modern euro plugs do not climb into them, there are other reasons. The wiring in the old buildings of the Soviet Union is made of aluminum. Single Core Aluminum

How to make a hole in hardened steel without drilling

In such a simple way, you can make not only a round hole in red-hot steel, but also a hole of any other shape in without too much effort. The chemical method will help you out and facilitate the task. The method does not require expensive chemicals, all

An innovative way to connect two wires

Progress does not stand still and a simple heat shrink to insulate the wire will not surprise anyone. Therefore, now we will talk about a completely new and innovative way to connect two wires without soldering, twisting in a couple of seconds. New on sale

Drill sharpener

One of the main parameters of a twist drill is the apex angle, which for hard metals (steel, cast iron, solid bronze, titanium, etc.) is approximately 120 degrees. Deviation of this angle up or down

How to recover a bat

Very often, the cross-shaped bits for a screwdriver, or for a screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles, fail. Namely, that part of the bit that contacts the screws and screws is characteristically ground. This characteristic wear is familiar to anyone who has ever

How to drill a file

How to drill a red-hot file in a light? A very simple way that is useful to you in life. A little trick to using the tool for other purposes or not for its intended purpose. A short workshop on red-hot steel drilling.

The eternal log for saving on wood

For heating, I use an ordinary stove, in which the wood burns out very quickly, so with intensive heat production, a significant part of it goes into the chimney. As a result, in order to maintain a normal temperature level,

How to repair a plastic gear

Today, there are a lot of mechanisms around us where plastic gears are used. Moreover, it can be like toy cars, as well as quite serious things, for example, an antenna lift in a car, a spinning gear,

How to connect aluminum and copper wire

In old houses, wiring from aluminum wire is used. Often, when carrying out repairs in your apartment, it becomes necessary to lengthen the wires.If you use copper wires or alloys, then just connect them to

Charger for car battery from computer power supply.

On this page I will tell you about how to remake the power supply of a personal computer with my own hands into a charger for car (and not only) batteries. The advantages include the fact that with this charger

Night vision device from an old camera

Human vision is an amazing thing. The eyes are called the mirror of the soul and the mighty instrument that nature has endowed us with. What we really are not given is to see in the dark, unlike technical devices called NVD or devices

A selection of simple and effective schemes.

The first scheme is the simplest multivibrator. Despite its simplicity, its scope is very wide. No electronic device can do without it. . .

Brick Masonry

The device is designed for bricklaying in order to maintain the same thickness of the seam. Thanks to such a very simple and uncomplicated design, you can easily make beautiful and very even masonry with all the distances between

How to just pull a pole out of the ground

This is a great way to remove a pole with a concrete base without much effort. This method can be quite suitable not only for wooden, but also for steel poles. To save your strength and create a powerful pulling force

How to reliably connect wires without soldering

I think many had to connect two stranded wires to each other. And most often, people do the usual twisting of the veins among themselves. A wire connected in this way has a low strength and with little effort, the twist can unwind, and

Three-phase voltage from single-phase in 5 minutes

Getting a three-phase voltage of 380 V from a single-phase 220 V in your garage can be quite simple. It does not take a lot of time, the whole circuit can be connected in 5 minutes without too much complexity. For example, you need to start a powerful engine 3

How to just sharpen a saw

A simple and affordable way for everyone how to sharpen a saw or hacksaw on a tree with your own hands. It is not worth explaining how important a good tool is for a real master. And so that the constant saw is in the worker, the master must not only be able to

3G 4G antenna with a range of more than 30 km

Living far from the towers of mobile operators there are problems with coverage. The available signal does not even allow you to make calls, not to mention the reception of 3G and 4G Internet. Similar problems can be easily solved if you assemble a powerful antenna. You can do it cheap

Eternal flashlight without batteries

In our world, quite a lot of people are engaged in home-made experiments in home laboratories and workshops. For some, this is a way to assert themselves, for others, a desire to develop their abilities. And what if it was an experiment from hastily

Cable antenna for digital TV in 5 minutes

You can make a super simple and super fast antenna from a coaxial cable for receiving digital television channels in your hands for about 5 minutes. For this, you will not need absolutely anything except the cable itself. And this is the main plus

Superinvention "Free electricity without meter winding

ELECTRICITY FOR FREE (DO NOT COLLECT THE COUNTER) For lighting, powering the TV, refrigerator, other electrical appliances. No need to "improve the electric meter, connect to a neighbor, replace existing electrical appliances - you don’t need to do anything!"

Peltier element aka thermoelectric module

At the writing of this article, I exploited the great interest of users in the design of a USB refrigerator assembled on a Peltier element. In the article I want to tell you in more detail about the use of this element in history, life and in practice.

Simple induction heating

Induction heating has a significant advantage compared to TENOV. The main criterion here is the efficiency of converting electrical energy into heat. The article will discuss how to make a super simple induction heater from the finished

So that the meat grinder knives are not dull

Incredibly simple advice, thanks to which your meat grinder will serve for a very long time without sharpening knives. It is enough to observe the simplest rule when reassembling the meat grinder, which will save the cutting edges of the knives from blunting.

TDA2030A Chip Sound Amplifier

I found an unnecessary board from the TV. My eye was attracted by the TDA203A chip. I know that TDA microcircuits are low-frequency amplifiers, there is a lot of information about them on the Internet. I decided to assemble my own simple amplifier according to the scheme ...

What can be done from the remote control

The usual way of a home master: you need a certain device, we begin the search for materials and manufacturing technology. We will consider the option exactly the opposite: there is an initial blank (a working, but not necessary remote control), but it is not clear how it

How to quickly make a self-locking nut

A self-locking nut is a very useful thing, especially when you need to fix a unit or assembly that is subjected to dynamic loads. A simple connection under the influence of vibration will quickly weaken and begin to unscrew, which is fraught

The most effective way to remove broken pin

Broken studs are one of the common defects that a motorist may encounter. Studs are used in many parts of the car. But if you do not have a car, then this does not mean that you will never get into this situation, because to break

The easiest tool for sharpening knives at 30 degrees

I continue to sharpen the knife. I already showed my homemade device to make descents (tapering surfaces of the blade). At the same time he made a polishing disc, stitching several discs together so as not to diverge. Next was the task of sharpening

How to make an inexpensive but very powerful LED lamp

For almost a year now, I began to replace all the lamps in the house with LED ones. The results pleased sometimes more, sometimes less, but one case led me to an interesting solution. Often did you or someone from your family accidentally overturn the table

Powerful penetration lubricant

The penetrating lubricant, which will be discussed, at times surpasses the most common tool WD-40, which everyone loves to use when unscrewing old, rusted bolts and nuts. Very often, when trying to unscrew a rusted threaded

Starting a three-phase motor from a single-phase network without a capacitor

The article is devoted to the possibility of starting a three-phase asynchronous motor with a power of 250 W from a 220 V network not using a starting capacitor, but using a home-made starting electronic device.Its scheme is very simple: on two

Water pump without power

This is not a joke or a practical joke. The water pump in question does not really need electricity, gasoline or anything else. He does not draw energy from the ether and does not catch free energy. With all this, it is able to raise a column of water

Unusual dropdown outlet repair

I think that most people have encountered such a problem as a socket falling out of the wall. This can happen either immediately after a poor-quality repair, or over time, when the socket becomes loose from multiple plugs. A business

The most effective way to restore the battery

Greetings to you friends. Today I will tell you about the most effective way to restore capacity in lead-acid batteries. During the period of even the most correct operation, the battery loses its capacity every day. And one fine

LED flashlight from 1.5 V and below

Blocking - a generator is a generator of short-term pulses repeating at fairly large intervals. One of the advantages of blocking generators is comparative simplicity, the ability to connect the load through

How to firmly put a hammer on a handle without a wedge

What is common between a sledgehammer, an ax and a hammer? Operating principle. To strike, they need a swing. Therefore, you need a handle, and the heavier the tool, the, as a rule, it is longer. While swinging the metal part of the instrument

Simple tv antenna

This is a very simple and effective antenna for receiving digital and analog television. Suitable for use both at home and outdoors. The antenna is a bi-square (double square) - this is the simplest and most popular design for

A simple way to get rid of dirt sticking on fenders and sills.

With the advent of winter, a number of unpleasant surprises associated with this wonderful season are waiting for all motorists. One of such annoying troubles is the constant sticking of mud mixed with snow on wings and rapids.

Powerful Wi-Fi Antenna Gun

It’s easy to manufacture and very powerful like a gun Wi-Fi antenna. With it, you can receive and transmit a Wi-Fi signal not just hundreds of meters, but several kilometers! The cannon antenna resembles the look of a space blaster and just like that

Super log stove burns for more than 6 hours

This is just a find for tourists, fishermen, hunters or all those people who love to cook in nature. A fast rocket furnace that can be done in 5-10 minutes from any log. Such a miracle stove will burn for more than 6 hours! All this time you can

LED lamp repair

LED, or LED lamps have recently entered our lives widely. And this is not surprising, since they have many advantages compared to other sources of artificial light. Here are a few of them: 1. Profitability. 2.

Car Battery Charger

Every motorist sooner or later has problems with the battery. I did not escape this fate. After 10 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to start his car, he decided that it was necessary to purchase or make a charger himself. In the evening

Removing rust with baking soda

This is my favorite method of removing rust from heavily corroded metal products. The method is very simple and highly effective. With a little patience, you get impressive results.Use this method only outdoors.

Tesla coil on a single transistor or Brovin kacher

I present to you a very small Tesla coil on a single transistor or a Brovin kacher. In the Tesla coil, a very high alternating voltage of high frequency is supplied to the primary winding, and as a primary winding it feeds the collector current

Eternal Flashlight or Faraday Flashlight

The eternal flashlight or Faraday's flashlight is the so-called flashlight with an alternative power source. That is, this flashlight does not require batteries or battery charging. To "ignite" it is necessary to shake it. In the flashlight itself is a generator and

How to replace the tap without blocking the water

Often there is a need instead of an old faucet, which has ceased to hold water, to insert a new faucet into the water riser. It seems that no problems should be: turn out or cut with a grinder, electric or gas welding

Tape cutter for plastic bottles

A plastic bottle is probably the most common craft material. Brushes and brooms made from such bottles are especially popular. To make a brush or brush, a plastic bottle must first be cut into ribbons.

How to simply remove a stump without uprooting

This method is not time-consuming, does not require a lot of effort or specialized equipment from you. Using this method, you alone can easily remove at least a dozen stumps from your site. In fact, there is no secret of removal here. Simply

Should I install a magnet on the oil filter

I decided to check the need to install a magnet on the oil filter. For this I chose neodymium, from the hard drive - it is powerful enough and if something metallic in the lubrication system gets into the magnetic field, everything will be held in it reliably

A quick way to sharpen a hand saw with a grinder

A very quick way to sharpen an old or new handsaw with a tool like a grinder (angle grinder). You will need only 5-10 minutes for all the teeth of your hacksaw to acquire pristine sharpness. This sharpening technique is designed exclusively for

Simple hidden wire detector

Everyone can do a very simple, and most importantly necessary in the household, simple detector of hidden wiring. All parts are available or interchangeable with similar ones. The power source is dead batteries or something similar.

How to eliminate the gaps between the chimney and slate

Surely, many owners of stove-heated houses are faced with such a problem as leaking rainwater on the outer walls of a brick pipe, through the roof and attic, to the ceiling of the house. Especially with heavy rain. How tightly do not fit the sheets

Converting a fluorescent lamp to an LED

By introducing into the consciousness of thoughts about the need to install energy-saving lamps at home, many began to massively put them at home. But soon you are surprised to notice that the durability of such lamps is a maximum of half a year, the brightness and temperature of light

How to drill any high-speed steel with a tile drill

How to drill high-speed steel grade P6M5 or HSS according to the European designation? For example, we made a knife from a blade from a mechanical saw, and it is required to drill holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm under the pins for installing and securing the handle pads.

Than to drill hot steel

What is better to drill red-hot steel? - The question that masters are asked when such a need arises.For example, there was a need to check a red-hot steel blade ... I will show you how I personally do it and which drills I use.

DIY plasma ball

The role of our plasma ball will be an ordinary incandescent lamp, but the high-voltage source of high frequency is quite simple. In addition, from our source it is possible to build not only a plasma ball, but also demonstrate beautiful experiments with

How to sharpen a knife on a stone

The most popular knife sharpening method at home is sharpening on a grindstone. Everyone no doubt knows this method, but most people still don’t know how to do it right. We will figure out how to do it right without too much effort and without

How to glue plastic securely

You will definitely take this trick into your arsenal if you did not know it before. It will be about how it is very safe to glue plastic or plastic parts with ordinary second glue, using one small secret, which is more than 10 times

Free electricity for lighting

The idea of ​​getting free electricity is using the potential difference between the network zero and the ground. A small caveat: this way of generating energy works 100 percent. This is not a hoax, no apparatus is clear that scoops electricity with

How to fry pollock

Pollock is a wonderful fish. Having an amazing neutral taste, the product goes well with many components and dishes. Most importantly, there are almost no bones in this fish, so you can eat it with great pleasure. Most popular

DIY fountain

The idea to make a small fountain came to my mind for quite some time. Moreover, it is small, since there is not much space on the table, plus an autonomous one. Once I even made a fountain. But the pump was purchased (for an aquarium) weighed about 400 grams and

Jammer for the TV (Pig)

Sometimes it becomes necessary to make a big noise for the TV and radio range. For example, your wife watches "Do not be born beautiful," and you need to see the Champions League. For this purpose, use special devices - "Silencers" or popular

Chips in the microwave in 10 minutes

This is perhaps the fastest and easiest recipe for making home-made chips. And most importantly - chips without any additives, 100% natural product. A microwave will help us achieve this. I also forgot to say: these are still very tasty chips. For

The easiest digital TV antenna

Analog television is a thing of the past, therefore, to maintain the ability to watch TV shows, a transition to DVB-T2 broadcasting is required. This requires the use of a specialized antenna, which is quite possible to manufacture

How to connect the motor from the washing machine to 220 V

Hello! Today I will tell and show you how to connect an electric motor from a modern washing machine to an AC voltage of 220 V. Just want to say that such engines do not need a starting capacitor.

Unusual use of the WD-40

WD-40 is a mineral oil based solvent. The product has a low viscosity, which allows you to use it as an aerosol and penetrate into any, even the smallest holes, cavities or cracks. Popularity WD-40

How to temper a screwdriver bit

Our market is simply overwhelmed with low-quality Chinese tools.And the point here is not even in the manufacturer, but rather in the resellers who massively carry cheap Chinese screwdrivers, passing them off as a brand. There is also an excellent, high-quality Chinese

Car inverter 12-220V

About six months ago I bought a car. I will not describe all the modernizations made to improve it; I will focus only on one. This is a 12-220V inverter for powering consumer electronics from the car's on-board network. Of course one could

Smartphone antenna in 3 minutes

The easiest way to increase the signal level of your cell phone in a few minutes. You will not need absolutely anything except a piece of wire of a certain length. This method will definitely help in a difficult life situation.

400 meter radio bug

Today on the Internet you can find many schemes of radio transmitters. For many months, almost half of them were repeated, but not a single circuit showed the required parameters. Long-range schemes met, but stability left much to be desired

Simple soldering iron temperature controller

For a decent quality of soldering work, a home foreman, and even more so a radio amateur, a simple and convenient temperature regulator for a soldering iron tip will come in handy. For the first time, a device diagram, I saw in the magazine "Young Technician" of the early 80's, and collecting

Super strong fastening in a second

It's no secret that second glue + soda is a reliable and durable bonding of surfaces. It doesn’t matter which, not necessarily even homogeneous. Plastic + iron, plastics + glass, iron + glass ... You can go on and on!

How to easily clean hood grilles

The exhaust system has long been turned into a familiar and necessary attribute in almost every kitchen. It creates a comfortable environment by purifying air contaminated with dust, fats, combustion products, fumes and odors during cooking. But she too

Lava lamp

Lava lamps appeared in England in 1963. The invention belonged to the scientist Edward Cravan. The lava lamp was a tall glass vessel with colored liquid in which glass balls floated.

dream Catcher

Dreamcatcher - a traditional Indian amulet, a circular mesh decorated with feathers. It is believed that he is able to attract, "catch" good dreams, and, in addition, he can become a wonderful decoration for the bedroom. So how to make a dream catcher? For this
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