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How to reduce HDD noise to a minimum

Who would not say that, but from magnetic hard drives (HDD) for a long time nowhere to go. Most modern computers are now sold with two drives: solid-state - for the speed of the system and classic magnetic - for storage

A simple homemade oscilloscope from a smartphone

A good oscilloscope is too expensive equipment for a conventional radio amateur, for which soldering chips and repairing electronics is just a hobby. If necessary, observe electrical signals without obtaining highly accurate

My laptop battery is not charging? Restore in a simple way

The laptop was idle for some time and after turning on the battery refused to charge - the situation, I think, is familiar to many. There may be other reasons and cases that result in the failure of the built-in battery.

USB twisted-pair extension cable

Hello! Today I want to tell how to make a USB extension cable from a twisted pair wire. The length of such an extension cord can reach 50 meters, in my case it is 15 meters. You can connect any USB device to it.

Powerful WIFI antenna from the Chinese adapter

I want to tell you how to make a Wi-Fi antenna from a cheap Chinese adapter. I purchased this adapter for about two dollars. Using this device, I made the so-called Kharchenko directional antenna to improve reception and transmission

Text Fairy: copy text from an image on Android

Copy text and paste it into the message - what could be easier? Every smartphone owner knows how to perform this simple operation in a browser or document. Let's complicate the task. Let's say you need to forward a passage to another user

Self-cleaning laptop from dust

Necessarily and inevitably, the time comes when you begin to understand that your “family member” - laptop (netbook) has become too noisy and unusually hot. And indeed - somehow “wrong” he began to fulfill his duties.

How to easily separate magnets from the metal substrate of a hard drive

Anyone who has taken apart a computer’s hard drive at least once knows that it has a pair of excellent and strong neodymium magnets. They are very good to use for their various homemade products. But the fact is that these magnets are firmly glued to a piece of metal. And just

How to make a twisted wire harness

During construction or repair, it happens that we do not always know how to correctly calculate the quantity and consumption of building materials. It may happen that at the end of the repair, this or that material may be a bit short. Some citizens so

15 methods to amplify a Wi-Fi signal of a router

In spacious rooms with partitions and ceilings, there are problems with the propagation of the Wi-Fi impulse, and in such places there may be areas that are not covered by the Router signal. Thick walls and interfloor walls interfere with its passage

3G 4G antenna with a range of more than 30 km

Living far from the towers of mobile operators there are problems with coverage. The available signal does not even allow you to make calls, not to mention the reception of 3G and 4G Internet.Similar problems can be easily solved if you assemble a powerful antenna. You can do it cheap

USB charge that charges all gadgets in one go

In modern times, we are having more and more electronic devices. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, MP-3 players. Charging them at the same time sometimes becomes a task. Of course, you can take an extension cord, for a certain number of outlets and organize

Lubricating a maintenance-free computer cooler

In older computers, the noise level increases, due to the grinding of the cooler bearing. This is an elementary problem that can be solved without replacing it with conventional grease - which I will do.

Repair a broken connector tongue

A plastic connector for connecting an Internet cable is a very fragile thing. Especially often, when the cable is regularly connected to various devices, the locking tab of the connector breaks. Such a malfunction leads to the fact that the detachable connection does not

Powerful DIY blower

A very powerful blower that blows good airflow, which can easily blow any dust out of a computer system unit. Such high power is achieved by the optimal design of the installation, the use of a powerful and high-speed

How to increase the range of a Wi-Fi laptop

I had an old netbook that was almost ten years old. And for the entire time of its operation, I experienced a little discomfort, since it very poorly caught Wi-Fi. I did not betray this fact until I got a laptop in my hands.

Dead pixel treatment

You bought a monitor, TV or laptop and one or several broken pixels appeared on the screen, then until the warranty has expired, you can try contacting a service center to repair your device. If enough time has passed since the purchase,

Voltage switch between the terminals of the computer power supply

When you repair a computer power supply or perform a revision, you need to constantly measure voltage. Also sometimes it is necessary to measure the resistance of the output voltages. I decided to assemble a transition device between the power supply and

How to restore an uninterrupted battery

If your uninterruptible power supply for a computer after several years has ceased to hold the load after turning off the power, then most likely it has a damaged battery. This is the most common failure.

How to find your favorite song on the Internet

How do I recognize a song I’ve heard on the radio, included in a selection of untracked YouTube tracks, heard in movies or videos to add this song to my playlist? How to find out what songs are stored on a computer under

Automatic cooler speed control

Cooling fans are now in many household appliances, whether they are computers, music centers, home theaters. They are good, they cope with their task, cool the heating elements, but at the same time they emit a heart-rending, and very

DIY computer microphone

It is very difficult to do without a computer microphone now, you cannot use voice search without it, you will not be able to chat with a friend via video communication. However, not all computers have built-in microphones, and besides, they are often

Twisted plait for wires from a plastic bottle

Wiring harnesses that are very useful and necessary for the household can be made from a plastic bottle. Harnesses can be of almost any size and any number of wires can be laid in them. Everyone who has a computer at home, I recommend taking

HDD grinder with speed control

Surely, most people in the bins are idle old hard drives. From it you can make the necessary and useful thing for sharpening knives, scalpels and other items - a miniature grinding machine with a wheel speed control.
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