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»Fascinating chemistry

Fascinating chemistry

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An elementary way to repair a rusted tool

Over time, even tool steel products with alloyed additives rust, especially if they are rarely used and stored in an insufficiently dry and ventilated place. How to remove rust from tools, if anyway

Injection of plastic parts at home. As easy as pie

The manufacture of products by casting, taking into account modern materials, has become quite affordable, quite simple and inexpensive. Consider using polyurethane for pouring and silicone to create the mold.

Accelerated Rust Removal with Citric Acid Solution

Many have tried to remove rust with acid solutions, usually leaving the part in the bath overnight. This is an effective way, but it takes a lot of time. Consider how to remove rust faster.

How to give magnetic chewing gum for hands or clever plasticine

Smart plasticine, also known as chewing gum for hands, is one of the most popular polymer children's toys for the development of finger motility. Games with him sin even adults. Let's look at a way to give magnetic clay smart

Making a radiation detector from a webcam

Radiation is very dangerous for humans, but without special equipment it is impossible to determine its presence. Buying used building materials, scrap for DIY, or used vehicles, there is a chance of running into objects with a radiation background.

How to make high-quality solder paste yourself

When soldering, it is very convenient to use solder paste. You can buy it or make it yourself. When heated, homemade pasta flows better than the factory one. When soldering the twists, it penetrates deeper, which ensures the reliability of the connection. Its application

How to assemble a peristaltic pump with your own hands

Peristaltic or hose pumps are primarily designed for pumping clean, sterile or aggressive fluids, as they only come in contact with the flexible hose. In addition, they do not have rubber seals, so there is no contact

DIY alcohol

An integral part of any long trip is a bonfire. Tourists often use dry fuel for quick ignition. However, if a tourist chemist goes on a hike, then in his arsenal for ignition there is something more interesting - solid alcohol.

Cleaning silverware at home

Recently, I got into my hands a set of silver cutlery, which is about a hundred years old. During this time, the spoons and knives had time to darken and rust, and I decided to clean them of the formed plaque. In this article I will share a fairly effective way, with

How to harden steel - a visual experiment

Steel familiar to everyone is an alloy of iron and carbon. Pure iron is malleable and soft, its scope is limited. A variety of rolled steel and steel products significantly change the hardness and ductility during various heat treatments ...

Getting potato starch

Starch is a fairly common source of energy in the human diet.It is found not only in potatoes, but also in many foods that we eat every day. Starch is one of the products of photosynthesis and is quite widely

Styrofoam varnish

Sometimes it becomes necessary to protect a product from environmental influences. In other words - paint, varnish. But, it is not always at hand lacquer or paint that can dry in a short time.

How to cheaply repair a rusted tool

Almost always, if any tool is idle, it begins to rust. It is worth only one winter to leave pliers or wire cutters in an unheated room and in the spring you can observe a layer of red rust on the surface. I will show cheap and

DIY chemical glassware

My first experiments were carried out in plastic cups because of their easy accessibility and low cost. But over time, the experiments became more complicated, it became necessary to heat the solutions. Also, glasses, like any dishes, got dirty, wash them

A quick way to get iron sulfate from fertilizer

The penultimate stage on the way to obtaining a noble metal from radio components is the restoration of the latter from the corresponding chloride. Iron (II) sulfate is excellent for these purposes. Consider the equation of this reaction: HAuCl4 -

Simple experiment - Blue flame

Good day, curious chemists! Today we will conduct a simple but spectacular experiment. Its essence is that the hydrogen released during the reaction burns with a blue flame.

Getting hydrochloric acid at home

Alchemists, who first received hydrochloric acid in the 15th century, called it “spiritus salis,” “spirit from salt.” This acid had magical properties at that time: it corroded paper, dissolved metals, poisoned people. These properties remained with her to this day.

How to quickly clean copper wire from oxide

Great life hack for hams and more. Those who had to solder oxidized copper wires. Also, this cleanse method can be very useful for motorists.

3 proven knife burner methods

Today we’ll talk about burnishing, oxidation or blackening of steel. This is a surface coating method for steel with a thin layer of iron oxides. It protects the metal from corrosion, and also gives an attractive tint to the product.

Getting DNA at home

Surprisingly, the entire diversity of the kingdom of wildlife is due to the unique sequences of four nitrogenous bases. In the nucleus of every cell of any living organism contains a nucleic acid - DNA. In this spiral molecule

How to get distilled water at home

If you have an air humidifier, a steam mop, an iron with a steamer, or similar equipment at home, then you know that they need clean, and best distilled water, because water from the tap in such devices forms

How to make a hole in hardened steel without drilling

In such a simple way, you can make not only a round hole in red-hot steel, but also a hole of any other shape in without too much effort. The chemical method will help you out and facilitate the task. The method does not require expensive chemicals, all

How to make a flying ball

A flying balloon is perfect for any holiday event. Typically, purchased flying balls are filled with light volatile gas such as helium. At home, it is almost impossible to get such gas without special equipment. But helium is not

How to solder aluminum

Aluminum is a very attractive metal for constructing some kind of home-made structures: lightweight, perfectly machined, drilled, sawn, does not rust, etc. But here's the problem: weld two pieces of aluminum without special argon welding
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