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Portable Amplifier on TDA1517

Despite the abundance of powerful microcircuit and transistor sound amplifiers, there is always a need to have a small portable stereo amplifier that does not require powerful power. Just this one can be built on the TDA1517P chip, its another

Germanium Transistor Amplifier

As you know, the first transistors that replaced the radio tubes were precisely germanium. Their invention played a large role in the development of electronics, making electronic devices more functional, economical and

Amplifier on the popular TDA2003 chip

This chip, TDA2003, has found widespread use in virtually all types of audio systems - it can be found in portable speakers, in car radios, in computer speakers, in televisions, and even in small music centers. So popular

Class D simple amplifier

As you know, audio power amplifiers are divided into different classes. Amplifiers working in class “A” can provide decent sound quality of music due to the high quiescent current, but they have extremely low efficiency, they consume a lot of current

Transistor Sound Amplifier

Transistor amplifiers, despite the emergence of more modern microcircuits, have not lost their relevance. Sometimes it’s not so easy to get a chip, but transistors can be removed from almost any electronic device, namely

Speaker protection circuit

On the Internet now there are a huge number of different sound amplifiers, for every taste and color, for any need. As you know, even the most reliable amplifiers tend to fail, for example, due to improper operating conditions,

20 watts compact ULF

Good afternoon! Now we will assemble a low-frequency amplifier. Based on the chip TDA2004. It has two outputs, but the power of each individually is 8 watts, and this is not so much. Therefore, we will use bridge switching. Such inclusion

Amplifier on the LM386

Another option is a simple, low-power, but very useful amplifier, which is based on the LM386 chip. Its maximum output power is 0.5 watts, which is enough to sound a small room. The pluses of the amplifier on

TEA2025b chip amplifier

Now there is a huge variety of circuits for sound amplifiers on microcircuits, for any needs, for any supply voltage, with different output powers. Microcircuit amplifiers are easy to create, do not need special tuning, unlike

Simple Class A Transistor Amplifier

Now on the Internet you can find a huge number of circuits of various amplifiers on microcircuits, mainly the TDA series. They have quite good characteristics, good efficiency and are not so expensive, and therefore use this

Amplifier - marker column

External speakers, USB speakers and speakers and headsets today are conquering the market for electronic devices.Inexperienced consumers find it difficult to figure out all of these new products. Sometimes it turns out that most of them are

Simple Amplifier on TDA2822

Hello friends. Today I will tell you how to make a small power amplifier on a tda2822m chip. Here is the circuit I found in the datasheet of the chip. We will make a stereo amplifier, that is, there will be two speakers - the right and left channels.

100W TDA7294 Simple Amplifier

There are a lot of varieties of budget amplifiers and this is one of them. The circuit is very simple and contains only one chip, several resistors and capacitors. The characteristics of the amplifier are quite serious, with so little

Simple 4x50W power amplifier

This simplest audio frequency amplifier is capable of delivering 50 watts of power to each of the four channels. In total, it turns out 200 watts of sound power. And this, as it turned out, is not the limit. The microcircuit on which the amplifier is built can give 80

Very simple powerful chip amplifier

I would say that this is just a super simple amplifier containing all four elements and delivering 40 watts into two channels! 4 parts and 40 watts x 2 power output Carl! This is a godsend for motorists, as the amplifier is powered by 12 Volts, full

Simple amplifier on the LM386 chip

This amplifier can be used by hams as a power amplifier in radios, players, various toys with sound effects, as an amplifier for headphones, etc. The range of applicability is very large.

Amplifier on TDA7496SA

The Internet had only circuits on these microcircuits, but the assembled amplifier was never found. Operating mode AB, Supply voltage 10 ... 32 Volts, Stereo configuration, Operating temperature 0 ... 70 degrees. Such microcircuits can be found in modern TVs

TDA2030A Chip Sound Amplifier

I found an unnecessary board from the TV. My eye was attracted by the TDA203A chip. I know that TDA microcircuits are low-frequency amplifiers, there is a lot of information about them on the Internet. I decided to assemble my own simple amplifier according to the scheme ...

Amplifier on STK402-020 ... STK402-120

Today I would like to tell you about an amplifier which, in my opinion, is an excellent solution in terms of price-power-quality ratio. And so, in the lead role, we have today the STK series chip. Chips stk - hybrid chips that

Six channel sound amplifier

The idea of ​​creating a six-channel speaker system has existed for a long time. Having set a goal, I studied in detail the characteristics of the sound card and found out that it supports as many as 7 channels of sound. Since I am well versed in electrical circuits, I decided

Simple VLF at TDA2003

Today we will build a simple mono audio amplifier on the TDA2003 chip. The TDA2003 chip can be dropped out of the old radio or bought on the radio market. The rest of the details as well. The amplifier is powered by 3-12 volts. The sound source may be a player

Powerful converter for powering the subwoofer from the on-board network 12 volts

Perhaps the most difficult part of the design of amplifiers for supplying a subwoofer channel from the on-board network is 12 volts. There are a lot of reviews about it in different forums, but it’s very difficult to make a really good converter on the advice of experts, make sure

Simple sound booster

We make a simple sound amplifier with our own hands. We will need the following: 1) Coil: L1 5 μH 2) Resistors: R1, R3 2.2 kOhm; R2, R5 22k; R4 680 Ohm; R6 2.2 ohms; R7 10 ohms. 3) Capacitors: C1, C4- 4.7 uF-25V; C3-22 uF-25V; C3-22 uF-25V; S5-0.47

Amplifier 4x22 W

Surely many would like to have a 5.1 audio system at home but for the frequent prices of such amplifiers are quite large. I’ll tell you how simple and not very expensive to assemble a 4-channel amplifier for such a system. Rummaging on the Internet, I chose the most
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