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Tesla Transformer

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Simple Tesla Coil

Nikola Tesla is truly a brilliant inventor of all time. He practically created the whole modern world. Without his inventions, we would not have known for a long time about the electric current of what we know now. One of Tesla’s bright and amazing inventions is

A simple plasma ball from a light bulb

Many have heard of the plasma ball, but not everyone wants to spend money on it. Radio amateurs know that you can make it yourself. Alas, for beginners, amateur radio circuits on the Internet are quite complicated and incomprehensible. This article will help

Kacher Brovina from a network of 220 volts

Kacher Brovina is a demonstration invention, very similar to the Tesla coil, but made in a completely different way. The kacher generates a voltage of the order of 1000 thousand volts, can light fluorescent lamps and gases in flasks, it also releases sparks and

Browin Kacher and Tesla Transformer

Kacher - a device that generates a high voltage (5000-20000 volts) of high frequency. Do not be afraid - you will not be killed by electric shock if you touch your hand, but nevertheless be especially careful when you make this art at home. Is not

Tesla transformer on Kachera Brovina from 220 volts

In this article I will talk about how to make Kachrov Brovina relatively small power with the same set of parts. So what is a “kacher”, in essence it’s like a Tesla coil, which I’m a resonant transformer with

Tesla coil on a single transistor or Brovin kacher

I present to you a very small Tesla coil on a single transistor or a Brovin kacher. In the Tesla coil, a very high alternating voltage of high frequency is supplied to the primary winding, and as a primary winding it feeds the collector current
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