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LED acoustic flasher

On the Internet there are many different schemes of LED flashing lights - simple, complex, with and without microcircuits. But now you won’t surprise anyone with an ordinary flashing LED, so there is a need to assemble something more advanced. For example,

Powerful linear voltage regulator

To power various electronic devices and do-it-yourself circuits, you need such a power source, the output voltage of which can be regulated over a wide range. With its help, you can observe how the circuit behaves with one or another

Flush Detector

Quite often, residents of apartment buildings need to fix a picture, a hanger, a shelf, or some other piece of furniture on the wall of an apartment. To do this, mark a point on the wall and drill a small hole

The most reliable relay for turn signals

As you know, all modern cars are equipped with direction indicators, which are a light or LED flashing on the left or right side of the body. Sometimes a standard electromechanical relay fails, and get a powerful

Connecting a three-phase motor according to the star and delta circuit

The conductive windings of the electric motor are displayed in a junction box. The findings of the windings form two parallel rows, each with a marking from the letter C and the numbers from 1 to 6. This is done in order to mark the beginning and end of all three windings.

Automatic cooler speed control

Cooling fans are now in many household appliances, whether they are computers, music centers, home theaters. They are good, they cope with their task, cool the heating elements, but at the same time they emit a heart-rending, and very

Infrared barrier

As you know, in addition to the visible light spectrum, there is also infrared radiation that is not perceived by the human eye. It is often used in remote controls to transmit various commands. An interesting fact is that

LED color music

Sometimes one wants to create a bright light show at home, call friends, turn on louder music and plunge into the atmosphere of a disco. There are usually no problems with music and friends, but organizing color music can be quite problematic.

Two-Band Tone Block

In many modern audio systems, whether it be a music center, a home theater or even a portable speaker for a phone, there is an equalizer, or, in other words, a timbral block. With its help, you can adjust the frequency response of the signal, i.e. change quantity

Simple metal detector circuit

Hello friends, today we’ll talk about a homemade metal detector. At first I found a circuit on the Internet based on the NE555P timer chip, but it seemed to me too complicated for those who do not understand the notation on the radio circuits, and even put it on

Simple Amplifier on TDA2822

Hello friends. Today I will tell you how to make a small power amplifier on a tda2822m chip. Here is the circuit I found in the datasheet of the chip. We will make a stereo amplifier, that is, there will be two speakers - the right and left channels.

Wireless LED

I will show you a way to make the LED glow without connecting wires to it. For this, it will be necessary to assemble a simple device on one transistor. And you can play friends by showing them your magical abilities.

Prefix regulator to the power supply unit

This is a good and low-cost way to make an adjustable power supply without much cost and effort. For example, I have a good power supply unit for 12 V and 2 A. I will assemble a prefix for it, with which you can adjust the voltage

The simplest invert without transistors

You need only two components to assemble a simple inverter that converts DC 12 V to 220 V AC. Absolutely no expensive or scarce items or parts. Everything can be collected in 5 minutes! You don’t even need to solder! Twisted

Simple PWM controller on NE555

With the analog integrated timer SE555 / NE555 (КР1006), manufactured by Signetics Corporation since the distant 1971, most Soviet and foreign radio amateurs are well acquainted. It’s hard to list for what purposes not

9V battery charger for phone

This workshop will show you how to get 5 V for USB from a 9 V battery and use it to charge your mobile phone. In the photo, the assembled circuit is in work, but this is not the final option, since I will also make a case for it at the end.

Keyboard lighting

I want to share with you my example of how I made a simple keyboard backlight for my favorite computer. This backlight does not shine in the eyes and has electronic brightness control of the glow. It can be connected as to the power supply itself

12v auto charger

This is a very simple set-top box for your existing charger. Which will control the charge voltage of the battery and when it reaches the set level - disconnect it from the charger, thereby preventing

The simplest anti-theft device

Such a device can be made quite quickly and simply. Complex and expensive parts will not be required, but, despite this, the device can be very useful in protecting your beloved “horse”. Currently, anti-theft devices have taken the path of complication,

DIY piezo emitter

The scheme presented in this article is very easy to repeat and should not cause any difficulties in assembly. It can be used in various devices for sound alerts. For example, alarm, sound dubbing

Simple LED dimmer

The simplest scheme for adjusting the brightness of LEDs presented in this article can be successfully applied in car tuning, and just to increase comfort in the car at night, for example, to illuminate the instrument panel, glove compartments, and so on.

The simplest automatic water level control circuit

A self-made device on one transistor can be made by almost anyone who wants it and makes little effort to purchase very inexpensive and not numerous components and solders them into a circuit. It is used for

Electronic Battery Recovery

According to statistics, most of the batteries fail due to the sulfation of the plates. For what reasons this phenomenon occurs, I will not particularly go into it, but in a small part this is due to improper operation of the battery. And in

Simple adjustable stabilized power supply

This power supply on the LM317 microcircuit does not require any special knowledge for assembly, and after proper installation from serviceable parts, it does not need to be adjusted. Despite its apparent simplicity, this unit is a reliable power source.
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