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The simplest transformerless power supply for the LED matrix

To power many LED bulbs and spotlights, 12 V is required, which forces you to buy or get a power source somewhere. In fact, you can make it yourself from inexpensive parts.

DIY cell phone signal jammer

With the development and spread of mobile phones, means for reading information through GSM channels have also appeared. Various spy gadgets are currently available to cybercriminals. They allow you to connect to any telephone and

Electronic pass-through switch with any number of switches

Walk-through switches are usually used in long corridors or at large distances when you need to turn on or off in one place and turn on or off in another lighting or electrical appliances. In this case, you have to pull 3-wire or more

How to make a compact and powerful pulse soldering iron

A pulse soldering iron differs from the usual one in that it heats up almost instantly. It can be used just a few seconds after being connected to the network. In this case, the pulsed version is economical, has a small size and allows

DIY running lights on one chip

We propose to assemble the simplest circuit that clearly demonstrates the operation of the pulse counter with a built-in decimal decoder (decoder) - running lights. Failure to make a printed circuit board for this homemade product allows you to quickly assemble and run

How to make high-quality solder paste yourself

When soldering, it is very convenient to use solder paste. You can buy it or make it yourself. When heated, homemade pasta flows better than the factory one. When soldering the twists, it penetrates deeper, which ensures the reliability of the connection. Its application

The simplest running lights on just one chip without programming

This article will help to do a useful thing in everyday life, to please yourself and your loved ones, to understand the basics of radio technology. For the manufacture of running lights you will need very little time. The necessary radio components can be bought at specialized

Bringing dead nickel-cadmium batteries back to life

Very often, nickel-cadmium batteries refuse to charge at a time when this is so necessary. They are especially moody and do not tolerate neglect. Failure can be due to the following reasons: recharge, too long were in

A simple intercom system from a pair of old wired phones

Do you have a couple of old telephones in your pantry? - No need to throw them away - make a very simple intercom from them - an intercom. With it, you can establish a wired connection to hundreds and even thousands of meters. All for free and

220 V water battery

The chemical power source that will be manufactured in this master class has quite substantial power to get a voltage that can power 220 V network devices with it.Surely you saw articles on the Internet, where from

DIY flashlight in the bank

Once I saw how the sun's rays, refracting in a glass bottle of water, give the impression of a magical light source. There seemed to be a little sun in my bottle. I was so fascinated by this sight that I began to puzzle how

We put supercapacitors in the UPS instead of the battery

Everyone who has a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the computer at home knows its one significant drawback, which flies to its owner “a pretty penny”. This is of course the fragility of its batteries. Usually, with luck, they live 3

220V Handheld Microwave Generator

With the help of this small pocket generator, you can immediately charge not one but several cell phones, light an LED lamp, and other applications that may not have occurred to me are possible. It produces a pure sinusoidal

One Touch Load Management

In electronic equipment, an electronic switch is part of the control device. It can be household appliances such as: TV, microwave, monitor, computer, amplifier, etc., as well as industrial appliances, units

12V / 100A supercapacitor battery

A supercapacitor (aka an ionistor) is almost the same capacitor, only of high capacity, comparable to a battery. I made a 12 V battery from such ionistors, which can be used in various devices. And she will serve longer in

Soldering of twists from aluminum and copper wire

So, let's talk about how to solder aluminum. Those who are faced with this problem know that aluminum does not solder well. The reason is a thin oxide film that quickly forms on the surface of this metal in the open air. Therefore for soldering

The simplest GSM alarm system from an old phone

Hello, friends! I want to tell you how you can create something useful using your old mobile phone. Namely, it will be the simplest GSM alarm system, with which you can remotely control various objects, such as

How to power a cooler for cooling LED matrix 220 V

Phyto LED-matrix for plant illumination, having its own power driver, is connected directly to the 220 V network. It works for almost half a day every day, while its body is very hot. Necessary cooling matrix attached to

Autonomous power supply for antenna with solar powered amplifier

Good modern indoor antennas almost all have a built-in signal amplifier. And this is another hanging wire, in addition to the antenna cable. Therefore, as an amplifier inside the antenna, electricity is required for good work. It could be like

How to solder LEDs with an iron

Nowadays, SMD LEDs are increasingly being used. In household bulbs, LEDs 2835, 5530, 5050 are mainly used. The printed circuit board consists of an aluminum plate on which an insulating material is applied. There are tracks with

How to make a simple stun gun

It is used to repel an attack. For example, feral dogs, when the device is idle, a strong smell of ozone spreads at lightning speed, which can scare away the animal, since the smell of ozone in animals is associated with a thunderstorm and

Replacing the IR diode in the remote control increases the control range

Sometimes, to make some kind of switching with the remote control, you need to get up and come very close to the managed device. And sometimes, you have to rotate the remote control and frantically, pressing the buttons, try, like a shooter to get into the infrared receiver

Do-it-yourself modernization of the old music center into a new one

I have an old music center, which eventually “moved” to the country, but I really like it. Appearance of the apparatus is so-so, but the sound is simply gorgeous! I especially admire his low-frequency amplifier.

Homemade SMD Remover without Hair Dryer

Surface mount electronic components, unlike traditional radio components, do not have flexible leads. Passive elements are made in the form of a cylinder or parallelepiped with metallized ends. In microcircuits, where there are many conclusions,
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