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Homemade Bluetooth Home Acoustic Receiver

Now many speakers are sold that have a card reader. You can install a memory card or USB flash drive. This is certainly great, but if someone wants to listen to music from their phone? You need to pull out the card and insert into

How to make a charger for 10 batteries

They asked me to make a charger. The main difference from many was the presence of 10 channels. People are going to charge some lead batteries. The batteries in them are installed in weapons for the laser tag. This charger

DIY portable mini car wash

Keeping your “swallow” clean is a normal desire of all cars and motorists. But what if there is no water tap or hose at hand? No problem! A stand-alone wash with lithium batteries will help. With the help of it you can wash the bike, motorcycle,

How to make a portable battery-powered compressor

In this master class, we will consider the creation of an electric pump for pumping the wheels of motorcycles and bicycles. The main advantage is that the pump is powered by a built-in battery and is small in size. Its construction is such that

Manual mini washing for any task

To quickly wash a car, a window at home, to clean the grill with a jet under pressure - there is nothing easier when using this home-made mini-sink. It runs on a built-in battery and can be used anywhere. Just pour powerful

How to independently integrate Bluetooth in any car radio

Let's talk about the introduction of wireless technology. Specifically, we will focus on the transmission of sound via Bluetooth. For example, there is an old radio in your car, which Bluetooth has never dreamed of. What can be done in this situation? Of course you can buy

How to make a bluetooth cassette for obsolete technology

I want to share with you the idea of ​​how to use the tape deck of a radio or music center. Few people in the house did not have such equipment, which is a useless load due to the fact that the magnetic recording of music on film tapes

Compact charger for any external battery

Sometimes it happens that you need to charge a battery of a certain size, but we have a charger for a different size. Chargers in stores a huge assortment, both for certain batteries, and universal, charging

Autonomous power supply for antenna with solar powered amplifier

Good modern indoor antennas almost all have a built-in signal amplifier. And this is another hanging wire, in addition to the antenna cable. Therefore, as an amplifier inside the antenna, electricity is required for good work. It could be like

How to make an electric trap for mice and rats

Mice and rats accompany humans everywhere. They destroy products, crops in summer cottages and fields, carry viruses of severe infections and even bite signal wires in devices.

How to make a simple stun gun

It is used to repel an attack. For example, feral dogs, when the device is idle, a strong smell of ozone spreads at lightning speed, which can scare away the animal, since the smell of ozone in animals is associated with a thunderstorm and

Powerful electric bike with an asynchronous electric motor

This powerful e-bike is capable of carrying two people safely. Unlike the classic design of an electric bike on a motor wheel, this model uses an asynchronous electric motor. As a result, increased efficiency and a strong initial moment.

How to make scoring of car parameters

On the basis of sound electronic modules, you can make a lot of various homemade products. It can be doorbells, toys speaking text or some kind of musical fragments, voice acting of important signals or vehicle parameters, or

Do-it-yourself modernization of the old music center into a new one

I have an old music center, which eventually “moved” to the country, but I really like it. Appearance of the apparatus is so-so, but the sound is simply gorgeous! I especially admire his low-frequency amplifier.

How to make a bag with a stand-alone charger

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, and also environmentally friendly. Nowadays it is not a problem to extract this very energy, both for individual use and on an industrial scale. Solar modules come in a wide variety

Cheap workshop lighting fixtures

Workrooms and garages require good lighting. You can do it yourself without even having the skills of an electrician. I propose the design of a bright, adjustable ceiling lamp based on LED strip.

Ultrasonic fog generator

I don’t argue, it would be faster to buy a ready-made ultrasonic humidifier, but it turned out for me on spare parts that it came out by itself. In the article I will show how and what I made it of, and in the end, I will tell how I would make it now, based

Mobile charger

A huge and varied set of chargers for phones, smartphones and tablets are now literally on every counter. But quite often, our expectations do not coincide with reality! For example; going on the road and buying a powerbank for

Do not throw away the old cartridge - make a bank out of it

Thinking about the next home-made, I realized that there is no strong Powerbank. Immediately formed the idea of ​​a design in a pipe. But I did not want to take a PVC pipe. Soldering it is not a problem, but somehow artisanal. As always, an old laser cartridge was caught during

How to make Power Bank on 220 V

This portable charger (Power Bank), unlike all manufactured models, produces not only 5 V DC, but 220 V AC, which is very advantageous and can be applied in a wider circle. Power - 60 W, which for

Refinement of the charger - add heat sinks

Hello dear readers! This is my first article, so do not judge strictly. Today we will talk about finalizing the Chinese charging for batteries, namely, “liitokala lii-500 engineer”.

How to restore a screwdriver battery

I think that this problem is already familiar to everyone, when one day you take your screwdriver, turn it on, and it does not work. Next, the first thing you try to put it on charge, assuming that the batteries are simply dead. But not here

Do-it-yourself column in a book

He sat one evening with a book in his hands and a crazy idea came up. Column speakers have become boring. So I decided to collect an unusual column, not like everyone else. It can be taken in nature or used in the garage, in the country. Found an old one in the barn

How to make a power regulator for household appliances

Everyone can assemble such a simple regulator. Knowledge of electronics is not required, since a ready-made Chinese module will be used, which can be purchased for a very small amount. With all this, the regulator is able to adjust the power
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