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Compact adjustable 24V 5A power supply

I decided to redo my laboratory power supply. Although it is reliable, it is heavy and takes up a lot of space. The desktop is always lacking. When planning a reshuffle. I decided to hang a hinged shelf and under it is full of space. The idea came quickly, I do

Compact adjustable power supply

An adjustable power supply is the right thing. In general, I think there should be a sufficient number of power supplies. It took the father, for small needs, an adjustable power supply. Having studied their deposits, a number of components were accumulated. I decided to collect

DIY Powerful 12 V Switching Power Supply

In this article I want to share with you my experience in creating switching power supplies. We will talk about how to assemble a pulsed power supply on the IR2153 chip with your own hands. IC IR2153 is a high voltage driver

How to convert a computer power supply into a charger

There was a need to charge the car battery. You can take the LBP, but I use it in the workshop. I decided to assemble a charger for the garage. Thinking over the design, I decided to stop on the alteration of the computer BP

Powerful current protection power supply

Every person who collects electronic circuits needs a universal power source that allows a wide variation of the output voltage, current control and, if necessary, disconnect the powered device. In stores like

Simple three-voltage power supply

I decided to make from a computer power supply, a power supply for several voltages. There are many designs on the World Wide Web. In China, there are also ready-made solutions, such as prefixes to the computer's power supply. I, having collected some

Beginner ham radio power supply

Many of us have accumulated various power supplies from laptops, printers or monitors with a voltage of +12, +19, +22. These are excellent power supplies that have protection against both short circuit and overheating. Whereas in home, amateur radio

Reliable laboratory power supply

I have an adjustable power supply. Only voltage is regulated; accordingly, there is no current adjustment. For some purposes it is enough. I decided to assemble a unit with adjustable current and voltage. Laboratory power supply, then LBP, very

Powerful linear voltage regulator

To power various electronic devices and do-it-yourself circuits, you need such a power source, the output voltage of which can be regulated over a wide range. With its help, you can observe how the circuit behaves with one or another

Voltage switch between the terminals of the computer power supply

When you repair a computer power supply or perform a revision, you need to constantly measure voltage. Also sometimes it is necessary to measure the resistance of the output voltages.I decided to assemble a transition device between the power supply and

Simple adjustable power supply

When you collect some kind of electronic homemade product, then you need a power supply to check it. There is a wide variety of turnkey solutions on the market. Beautifully decorated, have many features. There are also many self-made kit kits. I'm already not

Laboratory power supply

When creating various electronic devices, sooner or later, the question arises of what to use as a power source for home-made electronics. Let's say you collected some LED flasher, now you need it from something

Simple power supply for LED strip

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we will assemble a simple power source for low power loads. Immediately make a reservation, the power of the circuit can be increased, but more on that later.

Parametric stabilizer on transistor and zener diode

As you know, not a single electronic device works without a suitable power source. In the simplest case, a conventional transformer and a diode bridge (rectifier) ​​with a smoothing capacitor can act as a power source.

Simple adjustable power supply on three LM317 chips

Hello, today I will tell you how to make an adjustable power supply based on lm317 chips. The circuit will be able to produce up to 12 volts and 5 amperes.

DIY do-it-yourself thermal power plant

How to use a candle to charge a cell phone? Very simple - for this you can assemble a simple thermal power plant from just a few very affordable elements. This thing is pretty cool, you can take it with you on a camping trip or fishing and

Powerful microwave transformer power supply

This workshop will be a bit controversial and will cause more than one scattered opinion. I want to share how to make a powerful rectifier from a microwave oven transformer - a power supply, to the voltage I need. Very often microwave

Simple voltage regulated power supply

Hello! This is my first instruction! We are all surrounded by electrical appliances with different specifications. Most of them operate directly from a 220 V AC network. But what if you come up with some non-standard device, or

Laboratory power supply

Good day! Today I want to bring to your attention the Laboratory Power Supply (LBP). I think every amateur radio enthusiast has encountered the problem of getting the necessary voltage for one or another of his homemade products, because each

Switching power supply repair

Video cameras, like cars, have now ceased to be luxury goods and have moved into the category of necessary devices. But, if the camcorder itself is manufactured with high quality and its failure without any external reasons is an infrequent phenomenon, then with blocks

Car Battery Charger

Every motorist sooner or later has problems with the battery. I did not escape this fate. After 10 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to start his car, he decided that it was necessary to purchase or make a charger himself. In the evening

Portable battery charger

On one of the amateur radio sites I saw a circuit for charging portable Ni-Mn and Ni-Cd batteries with an operating voltage of 1.2-1.4 V from a USB port.Using this device, you can charge portable rechargeable batteries with a current of approximately 100 mA.

Car inverter 12-220V

About six months ago I bought a car. I will not describe all the modernizations made to improve it; I will focus only on one. This is a 12-220V inverter for powering consumer electronics from the car's on-board network. Of course one could

Universal usb charger

It is no secret that the vast majority of computer users use as such convenient and compact laptops. At the same time, the touchpad did not become a full-fledged, and most importantly convenient replacement mouse. The most convenient option for working on
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