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Production of fuel briquettes from sawdust and paper

Excellent use of wood waste - the manufacture of fuel briquettes. They allow you to cope with the ever-increasing number of shavings, sawdust from work in carpentry workshops and garbage in the household. What is usually thrown away or burned,

Add a solar panel to your smartphone

In this article, we will look at how to make a charger for a mobile phone on a solar battery. This device is easy to manufacture, has a low weight and dimensions, but performs a very useful function. It will become an indispensable assistant.

Hand generator with ionistors for starting the engine

Using this drive with manual recharging, you can start the car engine when the main battery is low. In addition, this device can power various inverters with loads, LED lamps, charge smartphones, etc. It

DIY wind generator

In places without electricity, there is a problem with recharging smartphones and other equipment. The use of a paverbank is only a temporary measure. It is much more reliable to get a free alternative energy source. In its quality, a homemade

Polycarbonate Solar Collector

I saw a lot of different technologies and methods for manufacturing solar water heaters on the Internet and decided to share my own experience. I think this project is very successful, since literally every centimeter of the collector surface is in direct

Wind generator from HDD and washing machine pump

A simple wind generator can be made from several failed hard drives and a water pump from the washing machine. Alternative energy is closer than it seems, trash is now more than enough for the manufacture of such necessary gizmos. Such

Homemade hydroelectric power station from an old washing machine

I was always attracted by getting free energy from natural resources. And somehow, I had the idea to create a simple mini-power plant that would generate electricity from a passing water stream. It all started with an idea

How to make a solar water heater

An excellent home-made for a summer residence, which on a good summer day will provide you with hot water, heated with absolutely free solar energy. Hot water can come in handy to wash dishes, hands, and for other needs. solar water heater

Induction motor generator

It was based on an industrial AC induction motor with a power of 1.5 kW and a shaft rotation speed of 960 rpm. By itself, such a motor initially cannot work as a generator. He needs refinement, namely replacement or

Eternal flashlight without batteries

In our world, quite a lot of people are engaged in home-made experiments in home laboratories and workshops.For some, this is a way to assert themselves, for others, a desire to develop their abilities. And what if it was an experiment from hastily

A generator based on a thermoacoustic engine is not a myth!

Alternative energy sources today are the most fashionable area in science. Advanced technologies vying compete in obtaining cheap electricity from the energy of air, sun, water. And absolutely all of them are fighting for maximum efficiency. After all, if

Dynamo flashlight from stepper motor

Now a lot of digital technology is failing, computers, printers, scanners. Time is like this - the old is replaced by the new. But a failed equipment can still serve, although not all, but its individual parts for sure. For example, in printers and

DIY do-it-yourself thermal power plant

How to use a candle to charge a cell phone? Very simple - for this you can assemble a simple thermal power plant from just a few very affordable elements. This thing is pretty cool, you can take it with you on a camping trip or fishing and

How to make a small wind generator

So, we are going to make a small wind generator. It can be made at home. 90% of the parts are made of plastic pipes and fitting, so it can easily be disassembled for transportation and reassemble. Let's start.

solar water heater

A solar water heater is also called a solar collector. It serves to heat running water. The simplest solar heater is a barrel painted black and filled with water. Black absorbs solar energy better

DIY battery from diodes

To make a real solar battery at home is almost impossible. For this, you need not only factory specialized equipment, but special chemicals that you simply can’t find. But if you suddenly really want,

Bicycle generator

I recently bought a bike to drive to work, and indeed, to ride and enjoy cycling. For safety, I turn on the front and rear lights so that road users notice me better. My

Free electricity for lighting

The idea of ​​getting free electricity is using the potential difference between the network zero and the ground. A small caveat: this way of generating energy works 100 percent. This is not a hoax, no apparatus is clear that scoops electricity with

Flashlight runs from hand heat

What kind of human energy is not used to convert it into electrical energy. We got to the thermal one. I will show you how to make an eternal electric LED flashlight that uses the heat of our body. One of the western firms

Free energy at your home

The simplest thermal power plant is the free energy you can get from your home. This mini power plant uses the heat of your central heating system. Why is it free? - Because all the warmth remains in your home and is nowhere

DIY solar power station

Solar energy is not given an innovation, but a reality, which today is available to almost everyone. In this workshop I will show you how to make a fully autonomous garage power system. Although the garage has a stationary

Do-it-yourself solar oven

I made this solar furnace for a school project, and here are my results and information on its construction in stages. A solar oven, unlike a conventional one, is heated with the help of solar thermal energy. Solar ovens can be used for

5 and 12 volt home generator

"I blinded you from what it was ..." :) No one came across a situation where a smartphone swearing abusively at a low battery, and the light turned off as luck would have it? I think that many. Or the same story with your favorite netbook, which has 12 volts power?

We take out combustible gas from the water

The model is based entirely on the Hillary Eldridge patent, USA 603 058 “Electrical Retort” presented April 26, 1898. Combustible gas is produced by an electric arc obtained by graphite rods immersed in distilled, potable, salted or
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