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Connection of the washing machine motor, reverse and speed control

In washing machines, automation most often fails, in second place are bearings and rubber products. The engine is the most reliable unit, it is used in the manufacture of various home machines. But for this you need to be able to change

Radio on TDA7021

Many people like to listen to the radio - at home, in the car, at work, doing what they love, because broadcasting at the frequencies of VHF (88-108 MHz) is carried out in every large settlement. However, few people know that a high-quality radio on a chip

12 volt fusion splicer for thin metal welding

Sometimes there is a need for electric welding of small parts, which will not be subjected to a serious load. In the absence of a welding machine, this problem can be solved with the help of a battery and a graphite rod from a finger battery.

Portable Amplifier on TDA1517

Despite the abundance of powerful microcircuit and transistor sound amplifiers, there is always a need to have a small portable stereo amplifier that does not require powerful power. Just this one can be built on the TDA1517P chip, its another

Compact adjustable 24V 5A power supply

I decided to redo my laboratory power supply. Although it is reliable, it is heavy and takes up a lot of space. The desktop is always lacking. When planning a reshuffle. I decided to hang a hinged shelf and under it is full of space. The idea came quickly, I do

The simplest transformerless power supply for the LED matrix

To power many LED bulbs and spotlights, 12 V is required, which forces you to buy or get a power source somewhere. In fact, you can make it yourself from inexpensive parts.

DIY cell phone signal jammer

With the development and spread of mobile phones, means for reading information through GSM channels have also appeared. Various spy gadgets are currently available to cybercriminals. They allow you to connect to any telephone and

Soldering sleeves - your salvation when there is no way to use a soldering iron

Soldering wires is a complex skill that is not available to everyone. To solder well, you need practice and lack of rush. There is an alternative, very simple and faster way to connect wires using special heat-shrink sleeves with

Homemade Bluetooth Home Acoustic Receiver

Now many speakers are sold that have a card reader. You can install a memory card or USB flash drive. This is certainly great, but if someone wants to listen to music from their phone? You need to pull out the card and insert into

6 amazing experiments: electricity, magnetism, etc.

Physics is an exact science with its own laws, for the demonstration of which one can set spectacular experiments. Consider 6 interesting experiments. 1. Getting electricity from the temperature difference ...

Very simple homemade DVB-T2 antenna with amplifier

In the absence of a DVB-T2 broadcast signal of sufficient strength, it becomes necessary to use an antenna with an amplifier. Such equipment is easy to assemble with your own hands from purchased parts, the acquisition costs of which will be about $ 1.

Subscriber splitter - what you need to know

A TAP subscriber splitter is a mounting element used to create branches from one TV line to several consumers, while maintaining a pass-through signal. With it, the television signal from the main cable is divided between

Electronic pass-through switch with any number of switches

Walk-through switches are usually used in long corridors or at large distances when you need to turn on or off in one place and turn on or off in another lighting or electrical appliances. In this case, you have to pull 3-wire or more

How to make a compact and powerful pulse soldering iron

A pulse soldering iron differs from the usual one in that it heats up almost instantly. It can be used just a few seconds after being connected to the network. In this case, the pulsed version is economical, has a small size and allows

DIY running lights on one chip

We propose to assemble the simplest circuit that clearly demonstrates the operation of the pulse counter with a built-in decimal decoder (decoder) - running lights. Failure to make a printed circuit board for this homemade product allows you to quickly assemble and run

How to make high-quality solder paste yourself

When soldering, it is very convenient to use solder paste. You can buy it or make it yourself. When heated, homemade pasta flows better than the factory one. When soldering the twists, it penetrates deeper, which ensures the reliability of the connection. Its application

How to make a charger for 10 batteries

They asked me to make a charger. The main difference from many was the presence of 10 channels. People are going to charge some lead batteries. The batteries in them are installed in weapons for the laser tag. This charger

The simplest running lights on just one chip without programming

This article will help to do a useful thing in everyday life, to please yourself and your loved ones, to understand the basics of radio technology. For the manufacture of running lights you will need very little time. The necessary radio components can be bought at specialized

Charger for Li-Ion (Li-Po) batteries from the "electronic cigarette"

Currently, "electronic cigarettes" are quite popular. But they often fail or are simply thrown away due to a dead battery or a broken power button. However, from this device you can make a good small-sized

Complete check of the motor rotor

Any power tool sooner or later fails. The main reason is a malfunction of the motor. Giving a diagnostic tool to a workshop is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it is better to find the cause of the breakdown yourself. By

My laptop battery is not charging? Restore in a simple way

The laptop was idle for some time and after turning on the battery refused to charge - the situation, I think, is familiar to many. There may be other reasons and cases that result in the failure of the built-in battery.

Life hack: how to solder small parts with a thick soldering iron

Surely everyone in their life had a situation where it was necessary to solder a fallen off thin wire, or to replace a very small SMD component with soldering, but there was only a regular soldering iron on hand. Very small soldering with a thick sting is very

Bringing dead nickel-cadmium batteries back to life

Very often, nickel-cadmium batteries refuse to charge at a time when this is so necessary. They are especially moody and do not tolerate neglect. Failure can be due to the following reasons: recharge, too long were in

How to make a solar-powered pump for watering a garden

I once bought a centrifugal pump to water my garden to pump water from a well located nearby. And I thought about why pulling a 220 V network to the well and wasting electricity, when you can remake the pump for low-voltage power and
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