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Ways to Improve Home Battery Performance

Often, it happens that in the cold season the heating power of an ordinary apartment battery is not enough to maintain a stable high temperature in the house, and residents, for normal and comfortable life, either have to change the heating system or come up with some ways to increase the heat in the house.

As practice shows, simply repainting the battery in a dark color is quite effective. Despite the doubtfulness of this method, in a new guise, its heat transfer is negligible, but increase. Also, increasing the area of ​​the radiator with the help of aluminum casing, you will greatly increase the heat concentration, since aluminum has the property of heating up very quickly.

Usually, the batteries are located close to the walls with windows - the coldest sides of the room, closest to the external, cold environment. Because of this factor, most of the generated heat goes practically nowhere, trying in vain to heat a constantly cooling wall. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to place a layer of foil on the wall behind the battery, and, if possible, put a heat-reflecting screen on the floor. Thanks to this method, hot air will go in the right direction, and the screen, which is prone to heating, will also give off heat.

One way or another, if you still do not have enough heat, and the purchase of additional electric heaters is not entirely justified in your opinion, then the best solution would be to replace the battery with a newer and higher-quality model. After all, the cold is not very favorable for humans, and it can once again contribute to disease.
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Comments (3)
  1. Alexpost
    #1 Alexpost Guests February 5, 2014 3:12 p.m.
    I can also suggest the option of reworking the battery in a fan heater: put a few 8cm fans from the computer below and power them from any 12V power supply to a wall outlet. Fans should blow up. If the battery has a temperature of at least above 40 * - its efficiency will increase significantly. It’s pointless to blow a cold battery, of course. The disadvantage of this solution is the overgrowing of the inner ribs with dust and the noise from the windmills. But this is IMHO a small fee for the heat in the room. Well, and even more so much more aesthetically pleasing than a black battery :)
  2. Legos
    #2 Legos Guests September 25, 2014 22:58
    I have one fan on each battery, they are on the side of the radiators. Due to forced blowing of the battery, the temperature in the rooms increased by an average of two degrees.
    As for noise and dust: the noise is small, audible only at night (anyone who is sensitively sleeping can set the off timer). And the dust has become less :-) (probably blowing).
  3. Guest Igor
    #3 Guest Igor Guests August 30, 2018 18:23
    In any case, you will have to warm the street wall, regardless of where the radiators are.Close to the wall or at a distance of 20 cm. Nothing will change from this. From the wall in any case, it will go cold and you need to defeat it.
    Learn physics.

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