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Electric burner

A small red-hot spiral, powered by electric current, in skillful hands turns into a kind of pencil, which burns various images on a tree. This is an electric burner. For its manufacture you will need: a transformer that lowers the voltage from 220 V to 2–4 V, 1.5–2 m of stranded wire (electric cord), insulating tape, nichrome wire with a diameter of 0.5–0.8 mm, length 60–80 mm , a wooden blank with a diameter of 30 mm or a piece of PCB or plywood 7–9 mm thick, screws and nuts MZ, small screws, 1 mm thick brass strips, twine. We offer readers two versions of the electric burner, each of which is simple, reliable and safe to use.
First construction. From a wooden block 30X30 mm, grind a handle on a lathe or use a tool that is ready for use with any tool. Drill a hole with a diameter of 7-10 mm for the power cord along the central axis of the handle.
Cut out two holder plates from sheet brass, drill two holes with a diameter of 3 mm into them and bend at a right angle. Having given them the shape shown in the drawing, fasten them with small screws to the end of the handle and move the bare ends of the power cord under the heads, passing it through the hole. On the opposite side of the holders, install clamps for nichrome wire - two MZ screws with washers and nuts. Bend the ends of the heater into rings with a diameter of about 3 mm and clamp between the plates and washers.
The second design. Make a handle from textolite or plywood 7–9 mm thick, drill four holes with a diameter of 3 mm and fix the brass holder plates. Connect the power cord to the last pair of holder screws, lay it along the handle, wrap it in several layers with insulation tape, and then twine over it.
The electric igniter is connected to the step-down winding of the transformer (first 2 V). The arch of the pointed bend of the nichrome wire should glow to a slightly reddish color. If its glow is too bright, the heater will quickly burn out. To prevent this from happening, the length of the heating element is changed from 60 to 80 mm and the magnitude of the applied voltage.
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