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» »Vase from a bottle with autumn ikebana
Vase from a bottle with autumn ikebana

We made such a vase for the school crafts contest: both the autumn theme was revealed and natural materials were used. The main advantage of this work is its versatility and durability. A composition of branches can stand for an arbitrarily long time and if desired, it can always be replaced with fresh flowers.

To make a vase from a bottle you will need:
A beautiful wide-necked bottle
Spray paint matte,
Acrylic paints,
A simple pencil
Natural materials (twigs, cones, leaves).

To wash a bottle, to remove all labels and to dry. Of course, you need a bottle of the original form. In this case, a bottle of wine was used.

Vase from a bottle with autumn ikebana

Paint the dry bottle with matte spray paint. Color is better to use neutral: gray, black or white.

Vase from a bottle with autumn ikebana

When the bottle dries, you can apply the drawing. First, make a sketch with a pencil, then paint with acrylic paints.

Vase from a bottle with autumn ikebana

The peculiarity of such a painting is that the drawing should look harmonious at any turn of the vase. I chose an autumn rural landscape: pumpkin fields and a meadow with grazing cows.

Vase from a bottle with autumn ikebana

For those who can not draw, I can offer a print technique. Lubricated with a thin layer of paint, the leaves are applied to the bottle and carefully smoothed. It is important to color the sheet from the back so that all streaks are visible in the print. White and yellow leaf prints look good against a dark background, bright and dark on a light background.

The vase is ready, it remains to decorate it with natural materials. We settled on the branches of rose hips and pine cones strung on wire. Leaves can be used fresh or cut out of paper. Since the contest is for children, the child cut and painted the leaves himself. Then we just stuck them to a branch.

Vase from a bottle with autumn ikebana
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