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This need arises in the event of a temporary lack of money to purchase of furniture. This table is done within 25-30 minutes, if necessary, it can also be quickly disassembled.

Source materials

For a countertop, you must have a piece of laminated particleboard, glued plywood or OSB. The legs are made of plastic pipes with a diameter of 24 mm, the structure is fixed to the countertop with metal clamps and screws. The size of the plate is approximately 70 × 150 cm, the total length of the pipes depends on the height of the table and the size of the tabletop. In our case, you need about 10 m of pipe. The connection of the individual elements into a single structure is carried out with plastic tees (10 pieces are needed), two metal brackets are required for each leg, four screws are required. The pipe is cut with a hacksaw for metal, if it is not, then you can use one cloth. A screwdriver is used to screw in the screws.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

Manufacturing process

Prepare the two cross members of the legs, for this, insert tees on both sides of the pipe section. Make sure that the parts are exactly the same size. The total length of the cross-beams is selected taking into account the width of the countertop.
Insert bushings 50 cm long into the tees, the specific dimensions do not matter much, the design can then be adjusted by the length of the legs. Prepare two such items.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

At an angle of 90 degrees, insert them into the crossbars previously made. It is necessary to make two identical elements.
Put the tees on each leg, one each. An important point - the size of the legs is not the same. The two front ones are longer and the rear ones are shorter. This is due to the fact that a cross member is subsequently fixed to them to give structural rigidity. The length of the hind legs should be reduced by the total size of the bushings and tees. We mentioned above that this parameter is adjusted taking into account the dimensions of the assembled parts.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

Connect the pipe section to the side cross members. Its size depends on the length of the countertop, in our case about 60 cm is enough. Adjust all the corners, they should be straight.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

Insert the legs into place. Do not forget that the rear ones are shorter and the front ones are longer. Now the legs are fully assembled, it remains to attach it to the countertop.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

Turn the legs upside down, carefully center the tabletop and fix with clamps, two elements are required for each support point. Tighten the screws quite tightly, the table should not wobble.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

Set the table in working position.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop


When using the table, remember that it is not designed for heavy loads and long-term use. At the earliest opportunity, it must be replaced by the present.
How to quickly make a PVC pipe desktop

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    #1 Guest Andrey Guests August 17, 2019 12:13
    The idea is nice and simple. But how practical is this table? Reeling heavily?

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