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How to make an effective wire stripper

With a large amount of work with electric wires (replacing highways, repairs, etc.), you can not do without a special device to expose the ends of the wiring. There are special mechanisms to facilitate this time-consuming process, but few people know that in five minutes, using simple tools, you can make a simple and effective device for cleaning cables of different diameters (from 10 mm and less).

What you need to have on hand

  • A piece of plastic pipe for wiring (outer diameter 20 mm);
  • Large blade from a clerical knife (width 16 mm);
  • Plugs from the mounting box (2 pcs.);
  • Of the tools we need a drill with a set of drills for metal (wood), a saw, a sharp knife, sandpaper, tape measure, marker and vise.

Knife holder preparation

How to make an effective wire stripper

First, cut a piece of pipe 14 cm long. Using sandpaper and a sharp knife, we remove burrs from the cut. We mark the pipe with an interval of 2 cm so that we have 6 marks.
How to make an effective wire stripper

We will need drills with a diameter of 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 and 2 mm. We start with a larger diameter. Clamping the drill in the chuck, and the pipe in a vice (marks up), we make a cut in the pipe, pressing the rotating drill with its side in the center of the mark and making reciprocating movements.
How to make an effective wire stripper

The immersion depth of the drill should not be greater than its thickness. The resulting oval-shaped holes with a knife should be cleaned of plastic residues.
How to make an effective wire stripper

Blade insert

How to make an effective wire stripper

The blade inside the pipe must be inserted so that the cutting edge is located exactly in the middle of all the holes. It comes in with a lot of effort (and we need to insert it completely), therefore, to facilitate the process, you need to squeeze the pipe with the other hand from the sides parallel to the plane of the blade, while moving it inward.
How to make an effective wire stripper

How to make an effective wire stripper

After that, we install plugs from the junction box on the edges of the pipe and you're done. You can conduct tests.

How to use a homemade insulation puller

The groove that most matches the diameter of the cable is selected. The wire itself is laid directly in it so that the knife line is in place, along which the insulation should be removed.
How to make an effective wire stripper

How to make an effective wire stripper

At this point, the wire is pressed with a finger to the inner blade and the wire rotates in any direction. By pressing a finger, the depth of cut is adjusted. Then, holding the wire with the same finger in the recess, with the other hand, pull it in the direction opposite to the device and release the end from the insulation.
How to make an effective wire stripper

The device copes with multicore communications, is easy to use and does not require any maintenance. If the sharpness of the cut is lost, the blade can be replaced with a new one.
How to make an effective wire stripper

When performing work, you must follow the rules for safe work with a power tool, and also be especially careful when installing a thin blade - it is very easy for them to cut themselves.
How to make an effective wire stripper

As you can see, it’s not necessary to spend money on special devices, when you can do it yourself with free hands no less effective device for stripping the ends of the wiring.

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Comments (5)
  1. Konstantin
    #1 Konstantin Guests March 19, 2019 14:28
    I need to make a class, I’m tired already, I cut all my fingers, stripping the wires, especially when the insulation is already dry, and I don’t remember what was called a good stipper, I can’t buy anything.
  2. electronic
    #2 electronic Guests March 21, 2019 8:45 p.m.
    He worked for 31 years as an electrician, KIPovets. At the beginning of my working life I had a mentor - a grandfather electrician, still of old Soviet tempering, stood at the origins of mass electrification of industry (in 87 he was 60 years old), he started when he was still an electronic starter. there wasn’t everything turned on by the knife switches. once he noticed how I clean the ends - it’s a mistake of all young electricians to cut the insulation in a circle. I asked why? but because I cut the wire and if not immediately (when twisting, when bending the ring, when bending , if you just need to make an end, let's say on the terminal block) aluminum will break, especially aluminum, then later, in the process of operation. Just use a knife and plan along the wire. Somewhere now I have bites in my barn that can bite the wire and remove insulation, adjustable under yuboe section to kvadrat.ya Clamps 10 and not used.
  3. Sektor
    #3 Sektor Guests March 23, 2019 17:11
    I strongly doubt that the author made it as he promised in 5 minutes.
    In good offices, the boss takes care that the workers have a quality tool.
  4. this is me and this is hell
    #4 this is me and this is hell Guests May 21, 2019 01:47
    1. To begin with, if you need to strip the wires 1 time, then you get this crap!
    2. If you are engaged in electricity, then you have tongs !!!
    3. If an electrician with such a shit comes to me, it means his hands are not growing from there or he is not an electrician!
    4. If you do not have 200-300 rubles to buy a pair of forceps, then you don’t have to. Go to the electrician !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Guest Sergey
    #5 Guest Sergey Guests June 14, 2019 5:09 p.m.
    Well, a good sweep costs more than 300 rubles, but it looks like a good device and simple, you should try to do it. Respect to the one who came up with!

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