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How to make a twisted usb cable from ordinary

The essence of the matter is that a standard cable is very inconvenient in that it is long. When you drive, the cable is constantly confused at hand, twisted onto the gear shift knob. The long cable in the car is very inconvenient, and so I decided to make a lightning twisted usb cable to recharge my Iphone in the car.
How to make twisted usb lightning cable

Perhaps you have already seen how people make twisted cable out of the ordinary, so I decided to show you my torment so that you would not repeat the mistakes that I made at first.

Will need

To turn a straight cable into a twisted cable, you need a little:
  • Standard lightning cable for usb charging.
  • Pencil or iron pen for winding cable.
  • Household hair dryer for heating.

How to make a twisted usb cable from ordinary

In addition, it will not be superfluous to have an assistant for working with a hairdryer, as well as gloves, so as not to burn your hands. Of course, you can tie the ends of the cable, but somehow I did not think about it, and therefore I had to keep the cable in gloves when warming up.

Making twisted cable from ordinary

At first I wound the cable around a regular ballpoint pen, and that was my first mistake. It turned out that the plastic of the handle begins to melt under the influence of the temperature of the hair dryer. Having removed the cable from the handle, I saw that it was stretched, and practically did not become twisted. More precisely, he curled a little, but that was not what I expected from my work. The reason was, perhaps, in a short warm-up due to the fact that the plastic of the handle began to melt.
For the second attempt, I replaced the plastic handle with a metal Parker, and after ten minutes of heating, I removed the cable to check the result of heating. The effect was almost the same and again unsatisfactory.
How to make a twisted usb cable from ordinary

The third time I repeated everything exactly as in the second experiment, but changed the moment the cable was removed from the handle. After warming up for 10 minutes, let the cable cool completely, and only after that removed it from the handle!
The third experiment finally gave a positive result. And although the cable was not so springy as the one that you can buy in the store, I still achieved my goal.
How to make a twisted usb cable from ordinary

What can be said about this work to turn a direct usb cable into a twisted cable? I think that 10 minutes of work to increase comfort is not so much work. No need to run around in search of a new cable, if you can redo the one that is available.
Checking the cable for operability after all these manipulations showed that it continues to function properly! But now it has become much more convenient!
How to make a twisted usb cable from ordinary

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Comments (1)
  1. Sektor
    #1 Sektor Guests February 10, 2019 17:24
    Yes, the inventor of the “twisted” wire did not have the ingenuity to take an ordinary metal tube with a diameter of 5-10 millimeters for the manufacture of this.
    Or in extreme cases, a tree branch of approximately the same diameter.
    But experience is acquired. By the age of 70, he must still come up with something.

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