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Remove disc scratches

Even experienced drivers, no, no, yes, they will cling so tightly to the curb that they will scratch their alloy wheels. The situation is very common. Of course, this is not critical, you can ride like that, but it is better to make little effort and eliminate visible scratches. It’s not difficult, you don’t even have to remove the wheel.

Will need

  • Wiper or any other detergent and degreaser.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Felt or polishing wool.
  • Primer.
  • Silver paint.
  • Protective varnish.

DIY scratch removal on alloy wheels

As I said, removing and sorting a wheel is not necessary. Although it will not be superfluous to check its balance after a mechanical impact, it is at your discretion.
The first step is to clean the disc of dirt and degrease. A glass cleaner that will kill two birds with one stone is perfect for this.
Remove disc scratches

Now you need to remove the scratches. We take large emery paper and walk through it until the visible marks are completely removed.
Remove disc scratches

Next, you need to smooth the surface and polish with wool or felt to smooth the sharp edges after sandpaper.
Remove disc scratches

We glue the tire with paper to protect it from paint.
Remove disc scratches

Using a primer spray primer the surface before applying paint. It is advisable to apply 3-4 layers. After this, wait 10 minutes and, if necessary, correct the surface with fine sandpaper.
Remove disc scratches

After drying the primer, paint with silver paint. In 90% of cases, the usual silver paint will be invisible, but sometimes it does not match the paint that is already on the disk.
Here you can pick up the paint by adding to silver black or white, choosing the right tone.
There is an option to paint the disk completely, but for this you will have to paint all 4 wheels, so I do not consider this option.
Remove disc scratches

We apply a protective varnish in 2 layers.
Remove disc scratches

We wait 10 minutes and remove paper from the tire and other protective stickers.
Remove disc scratches

Such not-so-complicated manipulations will return the old look of your disk.
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