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Imagine that you have some kind of device that can disable any electronics at a distance. Agree, it seems like the scenario of some kind of science fiction film. But this is not fiction, but quite a reality. Such a device will be able to make almost anyone with their own hands, from parts that can be freely obtained.
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun

Device description

An electronic shredder is an electromagnetic gun that sends powerful directional electromagnetic pulses of high amplitude that can disable microprocessor technology.

Shredder Principle

The principle of operation remotely resembles the operation of a Tesla transformer and a stun gun. An electronic high-voltage boost converter is powered from the battery. The load of the high-voltage converter is a series circuit of a coil and a spark gap. As soon as the voltage reaches the breakdown level of the arrester, a discharge occurs. This discharge makes it possible to transfer all the energy of a high-voltage pulse to a coil of wire. This coil converts a high voltage pulse into a high amplitude electromagnetic pulse. The cycle is repeated several hundred times per second and depends on the frequency of the converter.

Instrument circuit

In the role of a spark gap, one switch will be used - it will not need to be pressed. And the other for switching.
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun

What is needed for assembly?

- 3.7 V batteries -
- Case -
- High voltage converter -
- switches two pieces -
- Super glue.
- Hot glue.
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun


We take the case and drill holes for the switches. One from the bottom, the other from the top. Now make the coil. Wrap around the perimeter of the body. We fix the coils with hot glue. Each coil is separated from each other. The coil consists of 5 turns. We collect everything according to the scheme, solder the elements. We insert an insulating gasket between the contacts of the high-voltage switch so that the spark is inside and not outside. We fix all the parts inside the case, close the case cover.
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun

Safety requirements

Be especially careful - very high voltage! Perform all manipulations with the circuit only after disconnecting the power source.
Do not use this electromagnetic shredder near medical equipment, or other equipment on which human life may depend.

The result of the magnetic gun

The gun famously knocks out almost all the chips, of course there are exceptions. If you have unnecessary electronic devices, you can check the work on them. The electronic shredder is very small and fits comfortably in your pocket.
Test on the oscilloscope. Keeping the probes at a distance and not connecting, the oscilloscope just rolls over.
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun


We disable the flashing LED with a built-in controller.
Electronics Shredder - Electromagnetic Gun

Breaking the microwave.

Video assembly instruction.
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  1. SanSanych
    #1 SanSanych Guests September 28, 2017 16:58
    Bad toys should not be shown.
  2. Danil
    #2 Danil Guests October 14, 2017 10:25
    Forewarned is forearmed. I’ll go foil the phone around ..
  3. Dmitry
    #3 Dmitry Guests November 1, 2017 19:23
    What voltage output coil? 1000 kV or 400 kV?
  4. Vasily Strelnikov
    #4 Vasily Strelnikov Guests January 14, 2018 00:18
    ... the farm also has a bull’s horse, that a string, and even ento will come in handy forever ..! With the grandfather Vasily ...
  5. player
    #5 player Guests March 7, 2018 1:04 p.m.
    A piezo lighter for a gas stove will do just as well and no need to invent anything.
  6. Guest Ruslan
    #6 Guest Ruslan Guests March 14, 2018 12:26
    When checking the microwave in reflection, the camera on which they were filming is visible ....

    Well, the camera did not go down;)

    I recalled an old joke:
    Professor I am a universal solvent.
    You're lying my friend
    ??? why
    And in what you store it?
  7. Those
    #7 Those Guests May 12, 2018 15:29
    Playing with a kacher is a bad idea, it also famously affects the body.
  8. Evgeniy
    #8 Evgeniy Guests March 2, 2019 8:30 p.m.
    He laughed. They’ve divorced one hundred percent. The chips are knocked out, and the oscilloscope works, although there is a sensitive amplifier at the input, as well as a working camera. In general, if you poke a shocker at electronic elements, you will also get such an effect.
  9. vrn stalker
    #9 vrn stalker Guests May 30, 2019 11:10
    But what if the voltage is increased to thousands of volts, for example. And radioelements under such power to adjust. Well it will be possible to disable the entire area. Maybe of course not the area. But in a radius of fifty meters it should definitely work

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