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I think many of us do not really like the smells of store fresheners, so I suggest you make your own, unique freshener, with your favorite smell.
For the manufacture we need:
1) Spray from paint or antistatic.
2) Nipple from the bicycle chamber.
3) Essential oil or favorite perfume.
4) Water.
First of all, we clean the spray can from the labels, and thoroughly rinse it from the remnants of paint.
DIY aerosol freshener

After that, we mark and drill a hole for the nipple, it is best of course to drill it in the bottom, but then the freshener will not stand, so I will drill it from the side.
DIY aerosol freshener

Then we cut off the nipple itself from the tire, clean it to clean brass. Be careful not to cut yourself.
DIY aerosol freshener

DIY aerosol freshener

Having inserted into the hole, solder it. It can be glued, of course, but it is very important that this connection is airtight and holds high pressure.
DIY aerosol freshener

Important! Before soldering, you need to unscrew the valve itself with the spring from the nipple, because leaving it there it will melt and will no longer fulfill its function.
DIY aerosol freshener

During soldering, ask someone close to help you, because one is very inconvenient and hot to do.
DIY aerosol freshener

Having printed the inscription on thick paper, we glue it to the jar, I glued it to tape, but you can also glue it.
DIY aerosol freshener

And so finally, we proceed to the manufacture of the liquid itself. We take water, a favorite essential oil, a syringe. Next, I mixed water and mint drops, poured all this into a syringe and filled our freshener.
DIY aerosol freshener

DIY aerosol freshener

Well, that’s all the great plus of this freshener is that it is refillable, and every time you can take new smells. When pumping, I do not advise pumping too much pressure, because in this case the liquid will flow, and not be sprayed.
DIY aerosol freshener

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Comments (2)
  1. Maksim
    #1 Maksim Guests May 3, 2017 11:39 p.m.
    In what proportion to mix water and drops?
    How many atmospheres did you pump into a balloon?
    1. Gennady
      #2 Gennady Guests 21 august 2017 14:13
      I personally mixed 1 in 10. In principle, I am satisfied with the result. Downloaded like 2-3 atmospheres. The main thing here is not to overdo it)) sunglasses

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