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For each doll you can associate various items of clothing and accessories. I propose to make, or rather knit a panama hat with your own hands and crochet.
to her in a set of the same yarn, you can knit another dress and booties. You can also knit for your child, it is very popular to knit booties - marshmallows, but you can read about this in this article #

To knit this product we need:
- thin cotton yarn;
- hook.

Abbreviations in the text:

PP - lifting loops;
CCH - double crochet;
VP - air loops.

The bottom of the panama has a round shape with a pattern. To start knitting the base, we knit 5 loops and lock it into a ring. At the beginning of each row, it is necessary to knit 3 lifting loops (PP). In the first row, a combination of 3 PP + 13 CCH is used.
crochet panama hat

In the next (2 row) in the first three loops, 2 CCHs should be connected. Now skip 1 loop of the first row and repeat the combination to the end of the row.
From the next row, we begin to form reports. 3 row: knit three loops using a combination of 2CCH, 1 CCH, 2 CCH. We skip the bottom loop, knit 1 VP above it, continue to the end of the row. We got 6 reports that will be at the heart of the pattern.
crochet panama hat

4 and 5 rows: evenly add 2 loops in each report. The reports are interconnected by 1 VP. In the 4th row in each report there should be 7 loops, and in the fifth row - 9 loops. Now we will make the reduction so that the report looks like a leaflet. 6 row: we knit the central 7 stitches, then 1 VP, 1 SS in 1 fifth-row VP, 1 VP, etc.
crochet panama hat

7th row: we knit 5 CCHs in the middle of the report, we knit 1 CCHs in the air stitches of the 6th row, 1 CCH between them. Continue knitting similarly, as long as 1 CCH remains in the report - this is another 8 and 9 rows. We knit the next 2 rows (10 and 11) using (1 CCH + 1 VP).
crochet panama hat

crochet panama hat

crochet panama hat

crochet panama hat

The main part of the cap is ready.
crochet panama hat

Now connect the fields. We will use CCH for them: in the first arch of 1 VP 11 rows we knit 4 CCH, in each 2nd and 3rd - 3 CCH. In the final row, we knit CCH without changes. Panama is ready.
crochet panama hat

crochet panama hat

crochet panama hat

It looks like a hat on a toy baby and complete with booties and a dress.
crochet panama hat
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Comments (1)
  1. master1959
    #1 master1959 Guests August 28, 2017 18:09
    Very cute doll in such a robe. Photos are clear, thanks to the author. I think that girls can start learning to knit with dolls. Get involved in needlework as early as possible. This is such a great pleasure!

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