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Making wall newspapers is not as simple as it may seem. Many of those who receive this task for the first time do not even know where to start. If you need to make a wall newspaper or a spring-themed manual, then this idea will come in handy. Material can be issued on a large sheet, and photos can be placed in flowers made of paper. It turns out a bright spring twig.
To work, you need the following components:
- Whatman paper (or a piece of wallpaper);
- blue gouache;
- a brush (or a piece of foam);
- a sheet of white paper;
- double-sided colored paper in pink and green;
- scissors;
- thermal gun;
- a simple pencil;
- a twig of a tree.

From a sheet of white paper we cut out a stencil of a flower with round petals.
Interior decoration for walls

On this stencil we cut flowers from pink double-sided colored paper. There should be a pair of them.
Interior decoration for walls

On half of the flowers, bend the petals forward. The second half remains unchanged.
Interior decoration for walls

We glue a flower with bent petals with a thermogun onto a flower with straight petals.
Interior decoration for walls

We make 6-10 colors.
Interior decoration for walls

From green double-sided paper, cut out oval-shaped leaves and slightly bend one of the corners.
Interior decoration for walls

Glue flowers and leaves on a tree branch. They are securely fixed with a thermal gun.
Interior decoration for walls

Whatman paint gouache with blue paint using a brush or a piece of foam.
Interior decoration for walls

Here is a wall newspaper. We glue the text information on the paper (the place on the photo is indicated by blue paper), and in the middle of the flowers we place photos on the topic.
Interior decoration for walls

Original, interesting and unusual. Such wall newspapers are often posted by kindergarten teachers or teachers in schools.
Flowers can be cut out of white paper, they will look no less attractive.
If you have corrugated paper, then the leaves from it will also fit harmoniously into the work.
To fix a twig on a Whatman paper, you can use a needle and a black thread. So she will keep even more reliable.
On the empty space of whatman paper you can glue miniature flowers cut with the help of a figured hole punch from the remains of colored paper.
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Comments (1)
  1. Ogo
    #1 Ogo Guests August 8, 2017 18:57
    An original combination of materials and textures, a contrasting color scheme - this is what makes this thing unique, attracts attention. The perfect solution for a family wall newspaper dedicated to the birthday!

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