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Living in our country, it is difficult not to know at least one of the recipes for making pancakes. Since there is a whole Maslenaya week in the calendar, when exactly different types of pancakes are at the head of the table. Naturally, the best recipes are stored in family archives and transmitted from generation to generation. Pancake dough can be prepared on almost everything: water, milk, kefir, whey, fermented baked milk, beer. Our people love not easy to serve pancakes with various jam and sweets, but also to make pancakes with filling, sometimes completely savory. The most common type of holiday pancakes stuffed with red caviar and salmon. Naturally, every housewife will choose the recipe exactly to her taste. But to choose one of the many recipes is very difficult, so you have to constantly try new options. I want to share one of my favorite recipes, namely - custard pancakes made on kefir.
To prepare custard pancakes on kefir we need:
1. Kefir 500 grams;
2. Flour 250 grams;
3. Chicken egg 2 pieces;
4. Sugar 25 grams;
5. Salt on the tip of a knife;
6. Water boiling water 250 grams;
7. Butter or vegetable oil 50 grams;
8. Baking soda 0.5 teaspoon.

In a bowl in which you will prepare the dough, break two eggs.
break eggs

If they are small, add a third. We send half a liter of kefir there.
fill in

It's okay if it is a little sour, pancakes will only benefit from this.
Mix the eggs with kefir.

Add sugar and to emphasize the sweet taste, balance sugar with a pinch of salt.


In fact, pancakes taste almost neutral. Therefore, they are well suited for both sweet and salted toppings. If you want a sweeter pancake taste, put more sugar over your prescription.
I took vegetable oil, if you want, you can replace it with melted butter. Add the butter to the dough and stir.
Kefir custard pancakes

Pour the flour in small portions so that lumps do not form, constantly stir the dough.
Kefir custard pancakes

Put the kettle to bask. We need a glass of boiling water, in which we add soda. It is not necessary to extinguish it, the kefir present in the test will do this.
Kefir custard pancakes

Pour water with soda into the dough, thereby brewing it. Mix everything thoroughly and let the dough stand for 7-10 minutes.
Kefir custard pancakes

You can start frying.
Kefir custard pancakes

Pancakes are baked in a well-heated pan, oiled. I take one side of the pancake over medium heat, then turn over and make the fire minimal. Thus, pancakes do not become paper and are baked quite quickly.
Kefir custard pancakes

Kefir custard pancakes

Kefir custard pancakes

Kefir custard pancakes

Kefir custard pancakes

This amount of dough is enough for about 20 pancakes, of course, it all depends on the diameter of the pan. It is better to bake in a special pancake pan or cast iron.
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  1. Natalia Ogarkova
    #1 Natalia Ogarkova Guests 21 august 2017 21:32
    The traditional recipe is already pretty fed up, I decided to cook on kefir. I’ll tell you - it’s not worse, very tasty, the pancakes are porous, and melt in your mouth.It can also be made with a filling - meat or onion and egg. just a jumble!

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