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As you know, for all kinds of alcohol medicines (say, tinctures), it is customary to use dark utensils (they are sold in pharmacies precisely in darkened small bubbles). So in our house there was a need to combine several alcohol-based tinctures for the preparation of medicine. But no suitable packaging was found. I had to find opportunities to acquire it. Namely, we just decided to take a regular vodka scale and darken it with an ornament in the technique decoupage.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

Of particular difficulty in manufacturing such crafts No, but the result can be pleasant and useful.
Previously, we properly treated the surface of the glass container by removing the stickers and wiping with vodka (any alcohol-containing solution is suitable for these purposes), that is, degreasing the “field of activity”.
Necessary materials:
necessary materials

• clean flat glass bottle;
• napkins with a pattern;
• scissors:
• PVA glue;
• soft brush;
• white acrylic paint;
• bronze gouache;
• matt acrylic varnish;
• varnish with sparkles;
• a small bowl (for mixing paints and glue);
• wooden stick from popsicle.

Operating procedure:
Pour a small amount of acrylic paint into a small container, add gouache and stir until smooth. It’s enough for us to make it grayish.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

Now we arm ourselves with a brush and carefully paint the entire bottle with the resulting paint to the ring under the cap.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

Decoupage Glass Bottle

As soon as the paint dries (it stops dirtying your hands and sticking), we repeat the procedure by applying the second layer - we need to prevent light from leaking into the bottle.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

After thoroughly drying the paint from a paper towel, we cut out the fragments of the picture we need and separate the extra layers (there can be from one to three).
Decoupage Glass Bottle

We pour a little glue into the bowl (for convenience) and with the first brush stroke we outline the exact location of the picture on the bottle, applying it to the painted surface.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

Next, with smooth movements in different directions (from the center to the edges) we brush with the next portion of glue on a paper towel, trying to release all the bubbles and smoothing the formed folds. On the back of the bottle, glue the second pattern and leave the container in an upright position until the glue completely dries.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

When the surface of the container becomes dry, cover it with a double layer of acrylic varnish and dry again.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

Decoupage Glass Bottle

Now we only have to “edit” the picture with varnish with sparkles only slightly in several places, and our medicine container is ready for use.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

Decoupage Glass Bottle

When the outer surface of the bottle is completely dry, any liquid can be safely poured into it.
Decoupage Glass Bottle

Enjoy your work!
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