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Beads and beads hair decoration is a perfect surprise for a little girl. Bright, textured, interesting, it will complement not only everyday dresses, but also will be suitable for holiday costumes. The diameter is small - about three centimeters.

What to take:
-Hook number 1.2.
-Yris yarn of yellow, white, pink, red colors.
- Thread "Snowflake" (can be replaced with the same "Iris").
-Skiner for hair.
-Multicolored beads and beads.

How to do:

The basis for decoration is neat miniature balls crocheted. The scheme is very simple. First you need to perform a sliding loop, collecting three air loops and introducing a hook in the first:

three air loops

It is necessary to tie six single crochet into it, forming a ring:

tie six columns

The second row already consists of twelve single crochet columns, that is, two in each base loop.

twelve single crochet columns

The third row does not contain an increase. Here's what you should get:

no increase

In the fourth row of columns again, only six should become, you need to decrease two loops at once:

need to reduce

Filler is placed in the formed ball:

filler is placed

The hole closes by knitting together the remaining stitches:

Hole closes

Now it's time to knit the substrate under the ball, because by itself it is not sewn to the elastic. To do this, you need to make a regular circle, which consists of a sliding loop and six single crochet:

knit a ball underlay

It is on the substrate that petals from peach beads are sewn. Each will have 15 beads:

sewn petals

Here are the petals you get:

petals are obtained

There will be seven in total:

There will be seven in total

A ball is sewn into the center of the substrate:

sewn ball

The second layer of bead jewelry consists of two beads: large and small.

consists of two beads

It turns out small columns:

small posts

The decoration is almost ready:

The decoration is almost done

It remains to sew it on a pre-prepared elastic band for hair:

It remains to sew

Crochet Bead and Ball Flower:

Flower bead

Here's how it looks on the tail:

looks on the tail

If you wish, you can complicate the product. One option consists of two balls of different colors.

They are stitched together, attached to the substrate:

consists of two balls of different colors

Then, a tail of three large pink beads and one miniature peach is sewn to the jewelry:

tail is sewn

The second string may be made of white pearls. The third ball can be tied or take a large bead:

maybe from white pearls

Beads are also attached on top:

Beads are also mounted on top

All this is traditionally sewn to an elastic band:

sewn to elastic

Hair decoration "Balls and beads" on the hair looks very gentle and beautiful:

Hair ornament

From red yarn

Four balls can be made of red yarn and “Glittering Snowflakes”, fastened together and supplemented with three strings of mother-of-pearl beads and two petals of red beads.

This is how gum looks like

Here's how this gum looks:

Hair ornament

Hair ornament

All three variations will take their rightful place in the wardrobe of the little princess.
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