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Good afternoon. Recently, I began to get involved in crafts from salt dough. My friend taught me how to make a cat out of salt dough and a regular glass bottle. What came of it, I will show you and tell you.

To make a cat I needed:
- Glass bottle (with a narrow neck).
- Foil.
- Wire (which bends well).
- Salty dough (flour, water, salt, vegetable oil).
- A brush.
- Gouache.
- Varnish.

I took a wire 20 centimeters long, folded it in half. After tearing a piece from the foil and made a ball on the wire. The size of such a ball depends on the size of the bottle.

made a ball on the wire

I doused the ball with dough. The result was a kind of "Chupa Chups" - this will be the head of a cat.

Doused the ball with dough

Then, one end of the wire was put into the bottle, and the other was wrapped in a spiral around the neck. So I fixed the ball.

dough a bottle

As soon as I attached my head, I began to dough the bottle. I smoothed the joints between pieces of dough with wet fingers (just do not get too carried away with water, just moisten the fingertips lightly with water). It didn’t work out smoothly, but then I fixed it.

dough a bottle

Made a cat face. Slightly stretched out the dough in the place where the mustache will grow, there will be a nose and a mouth. I made triangles of two small balls of dough and made ears of them. I attached them, and smoothed the joints of the edges with wet fingers.

Made a cat face

I did not forget to make a breast, and out of two sausages I made paws.

Salt Dough Cat

A tail made behind, though it turned out to be short. I rolled out a sausage in the form of a carrot, one end turned out to be thicker, the other thinner and glued the tail to its rightful place.

Salt Dough Cat

After I worked out all the details, I left the cat alone for 3 days, so that the dough would dry. You need to dry at room temperature, as a friend warned me that if dried in the oven or near the battery, the dough may crack, but I did not want to. After drying, I painted it as I wanted. I made a mustache of stamens from old artificial flowers, but they can be drawn and made from something else. This is optional.

Salt Dough Cat

When the paint dried, I varnished the cat in two layers. That's what I got Barsik.

Salt Dough Cat

To make such a cat turned out to be very interesting and not difficult, so I also made a kitten. That's just issued it not - much differently.

Salt Dough Cat

Try and you make such a cat figurine. It will not take you a lot of time and money and spend your leisure time interestingly. Experiment with size and coloring and you will get your own “Vasya” or “Maroussia”, or maybe “Cleopatra”. Until we meet again.
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