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Hello dear readers. Surely you have repeatedly seen all kinds of LCD-panels on the front of the system unit, or maybe you already managed to get hold of your own. But real modders prefer a slightly more complex and interesting process - making an LCD screen with their own hands. Today we will tell you how to use direct hands, knowledge of the basics of circuitry, patience and a little imagination to create an external display that displays information about the musical composition played by Winamp.

To implement the project, we will need:

  • Actually the display. This article used an instance from Ericsson 2618 on the PCF8548;
  • LPT connector
  • 6 diodes 1N4148;
  • Non-polar capacitor 1 microfarad;
  • Program
  • Script to work with the display will be described below.


    We go into the pantry and look there for a self-defense item with the inscription Ericsson A2618, which has been lying around since the time of the 45th. (It is desirable that it turns on in order to check the display for functionality).

    Carefully disassemble. From the insides, we need only the board itself, the display module and the substrate (backlit keyboard).

    Then, with metal scissors, we barbarously “cut off” everything from the board, plastic module and substrate.

    It is advisable to cut all the tracks that the red line crosses and ring each contact on the body. Only the sixth contact must be called without fail, the rest are not. We emphasize that cut only the tracks. These are thin strips of foil.

    We disassemble the LPT cable connector going to the printer and solder it as follows:

    Where (left to right):
    1. n / a;
    2. n / a;
    3. n / a;
    4. n / a;
    5. Blue with a white stripe - Vlcd;
    6. Black - Gnd;
    7. Orange - Sclk;
    8. Gray - Sda;
    9. Red - U +;
    10. Purple - Reset;
    11. n / a;
    12. Yellow - U + (backlight);
    13. Blue - Gnd (backlight);
    14. n / a.

    The other end of the cable is soldered to the LPT connector according to the scheme taken from the site .

    If you use the standard backlight, then a resistor of 1 kOhm value can be excluded from this circuit, because a resistor is already installed on the standard backlight. Even two.

    Install the display on the board.

    What happened after the work done can be seen below:


    Download and install the LCDHype program. Open and configure, as in the picture.

    And copy the text from the Script.txt file into the field.

    Queue to configure Winamp.

    From the C: \ Program Files \ LCDHype \ stuff \ winamp folder, copy the files to C: \ Program Files \ Winamp \ Plugins, start the player and follow the illustrated instructions.

    Close the settings, do not forget to connect our device to the computer and in LCDHype click "Start". If the circuit is assembled correctly, approximately the following should appear on the display:

    Buoy the device into the housing. (In Russian): ._files. .Gb.,...;;,;.., C. Dvr.;; C..;; Lt.; L;.; Nbsp; n.a.,; Cp. Ga. 1).., C. F.i. (C) .p. 2;; C); baaa; b. C.o.n

    Here only your imagination can help you.

    I installed the display in a case from Microlab. I just installed the module with the display behind the transparent window of the door. I think that I will not describe it, for everyone this process will be individual.

    Interested in the article ?! Then spotri links:


    A site for determining the screen output of a large number of phones. That is, you can make your device not only fromEricsson, but also from other models!

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    Comments (4)
    1. Veent
      #1 Veent Guests June 24, 2011 22:00
      and the LPT port is probably next to charging?
      #2 NOTFRONT Guests June 25, 2011 21:37
      What nonsense ?! LPT port on your computer!
      #3 NOTFRONT Guests June 26, 2011 13:19
      Oh, got it! well you're a prankster biggrin
    4. Nick
      #4 Nick Guests June 26, 2013 19:59
      What about the setting for other players?

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