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Good day. Now I will tell you and show you how to make a beautiful decorative tree. For this we need the following:
- Stick (tree trunk).
-Plastic ball.
- Newspaper (paper).
-Gypsum (cement).
-Decorative grass.
-PVA glue.
-Corrugated paper.

First, take the pot, fill it with gypsum and insert the trunk in the middle of the pot. After the gypsum hardens, paint the trunk of the future tree with varnish.

fill gypsum

Leave the pot aside and take care of the ball. In the center of the ball we make a hole for the barrel. It can be done with a knife, or can be done like me with fire.

make a hole for the trunk

Next, take a newspaper, tear it into pieces and glue the ball on all sides, only you don’t need to glue the hole.

glue the ball

Put the ball aside and take up the foliage of the tree. To do this, take napkins and cut them into equal squares. To do this, simply fold the napkin in half, then cut it in half again and cut it in half.

take napkins and cut

Now we will collect our tree, you just need to put the ball on the trunk.

collect our tree

Let's go back to our little squares, you can turn them in this way and stick them at the tip of our ball.

stick squares

stick squares

stick squares

stick squares

And you can do it easier. We take a small square and just raise its corners up, and glue it in the middle to the ball.

glue the whole ball

So glue the whole ball.

glue the whole ball

After that, let's take a pot, or rather, we will hide gypsum using decorative grass.

some decor

In principle, the tree is ready, but it is better to add a little decor to it. Take corrugated paper and make apples out of it. We need to spread the paper and cut out the squares, after, the square needs to be rolled up into a ball, this will be our apples.

roll into a ball

Glue the apples in a chaotic manner on the tree.

Glue apples

So our decorative tree is ready.

Decorative tree

In the same way, you can make another tree.

Decorative tree
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