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To Santa Claus to ease the Christmas chores, I propose to make him an assistant to a cheerful snowman! After all, together it will be much more fun to deliver greetings and deliver gifts. We will make a snowman using the technique of felting wool. For the manufacture of crafts we will need:
  • wool for felting white, blue, yellow, red and a little gray and orange;
  • special felting needles No. 38, No. 40;
  • synthetic winterizer.

To make crafts, we need

Let's start making a snowman - a little helper. Using sintepon, using needle number 38, we dump three balls of different sizes: one large, the second smaller and the third smallest. When they are ready, evenly wrap them with white wool.

Let's start making a snowman

Next, we throw the needle with the felting No. 38, the balls obtained. As they fall, we change the needle by 40 and continue to roll until the balls become smooth and dense.

balls received

Now we connect the parts with the help of needle No. 38, directing it vertically to the largest ball and fix a small ball.

connect the details

Now, when two balls are already fastened together, we attach the third. Attach the middle ball to the smallest.

balls are fastened together

After that, we fix the parts well with the help of wool, as in the photo below.

we fix the details

It turns out here is such a snow-white snowman of three balls.

three-ball snowman

Now revive our snowman. Needle number 38 marks the place for the eye and mouth. Then, in place of the cheeks, add a little white wool and roll first with needle No. 38, and then continue to work with needle No. 40. We tint the cheeks in pink.

revive our snowman

Then lay out the black hair with eyes, eyebrows and a mouth and roll well.

black hair lay eyes

Having acquired facial features, the assistant snowman came to life.

Acquiring facial features

In order for our assistant not to freeze, we take the blue wool and form boots for the snowman out of it.

take the blue coat

Now we roll the blue boots well until they become dense and get the necessary shape.

blue boots

Now we need to make the sole of gray wool.

make a gray wool sole

We attach the sole to the product with a needle. The shoes are ready, the snowman can go on the road.

Shoes ready

We connect boots with the body, using a needle No. 38.

We connect boots with the body

Then with white wool we attach them well with a needle No. 38 and 40.

fasten them well with a needle

snowman shoes

We make pens. For this, we form ovals from white wool, 2 pieces.

we roll to a dense state

Having formed a pair of ovals, we roll them well to a dense state.

make mittens for a snowman

Similarly, we make mittens for the snowman out of yellow wool.

make mittens for a snowman

We collect all the details

We collect all the details and get such pens.

We collect all the details

From blue wool we form a cap in the form of a cap and dump it.

form a hat

The hat is decorated with yellow stripes and a bubon. Now she is completely ready!

decorate with yellow stripes

We connect the handles with the body of a snowman with a needle.

We connect the handles with the body

We connect the handles with the body

We make a scarf from yellow wool and decorate it with transverse blue stripes.

Making a yellow wool scarf

Making a yellow wool scarf

We form a bag with gifts made of red wool and dump it.

We form a bag

We dress the assistant in a hat, tie a scarf to him and attach the bag, you can use a needle or stick it on. All! A cheerful snowman is ready to help Santa Claus.

Snowman assistant Santa Claus
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