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Cutting is a fascinating form of creativity. An original work is created from ordinary paper napkins, which looks very impressive in the interior. Cutting requires the simplest materials that can be found in any home. For work, you will need napkins of different colors, a landscape sheet, PVA glue, an unsharpened pencil (brush or pen without a rod), scissors, a ruler. And a lot of patience.

Need to work

Cutting - painstaking work, requiring great patience, but not at all difficult. You can safely connect children to work, because these are excellent exercises for the development of fine motor skills, accuracy and attention.

On a landscape sheet, draw a sketch of future work.

draw a sketch

If there are any flaws, you can not erase them, because in the finished work the basics will not be visible. The drawing should contain large parts, because the small ones cannot be laid out by facing. Pictures in this technique are perfect for decorating a children's room, and you can take pictures from children's coloring as a basis. If you plan to insert the work into the finished frame, then it is better to do it immediately after the sketch is drawn. In this case, wrinkling of napkins will not occur, because the finished work is quite delicate.

First you need to prepare napkins. They must be cut into squares with a side of 2 cm.

cut into squares

To do the work you do not need to cut a lot of napkins. This A4-size picture took 3 white, 4 green, 6 blue and one napkin in blue and yellow. For ease of storage and use, you can put all the squares in a small box. So they will not remember, and will not fly around the room like moths. Put together 2 squares of the same color. In the center of the square, place a sharpened pencil or pen without a rod and lightly wind a napkin on its tip, like a fist.

wrap a napkin

Glue PVA to lubricate a small area of ​​the picture and apply "kulechki" to the glue. The next piece of cloth is glued as close as possible, and so on until the end of the work. The denser the squares of napkins are glued, the more beautiful the picture is.


Do not immediately apply glue to a large area - it can dry and have to be applied again. It is better to start work from the upper left corner so that contact with the glued area is minimal. When the picture is finished, it is worth examining it carefully. In some places, there may be gaps in which you can glue the napkins from the napkins. Glue is applied directly to the tip of the bag.

Glue is applied

So the picture will not be stained with glue, and its consumption will be small.

If the napkins are glued unevenly, it is easy to correct with sharp scissors, cutting off the protruding corners. The painting, made using the cutting technique, looks voluminous and very unusual. Delicate colors and airy lightness of napkins give the work of mystery and weightlessness.

a picture of ordinary napkins

Such work can become not only an interior decoration, but also a wonderful gift for family and friends for any holiday.
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