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You can make this mousetrap out of our household waste. Two cans are required: tin (height 6 cm, diameter 10 cm) and glass (height 10 cm, diameter 9 cm). DIY do-it-yourself trick traysAlso a fragile thread 45 cm long and a bait - a piece of hard sinewy fat. In a tin can on the side surface at the very bottom we cut a "double door", and in the middle line on the same side surface we make four holes at the same distance from each other. As shown in the figure, we thread the thread into these four holes so that it crosses in the middle of the can. At the intersection of the thread we fix the bait. From above onto crossed threads we lower the glass jar upside down. A mouse attacking the bait gnaws the thread, and the glass jar, held on the strings, will fall upon the rodent.
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  1. Directhands
    #1 Directhands Guests April 16, 2011 05:20
    Then the rodent runs in the bank, turns it over and runs away, eating fat.
  2. 201305151506
    #2 201305151506 Guests May 18, 2013 18:39
    With a falling fire extinguisher. (From life) .. We put a cardboard box with glue for mice in the corner where the fire extinguisher hung. We arrived in the morning and observe the following picture: A fire extinguisher is standing on the cross near him, butt, almost getting out of the cross, lies a dead mouse (eyes are bulging). The following picture of nightly events arises before the eyes: A falling fire extinguisher, a mouse in tear of fire breaks out of glue, and when the fire extinguisher lands abutting, the mouse dies of a broken heart. : D

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