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To present someone with a bouquet of flowers for a holiday or celebration, it is not necessary to go to the store and spend a lot of money at the same time. Do-it-yourself flowers from corrugated paper look unusual and attractive, and the whole process takes very little time. You can, of course, take plain colored paper, but corrugated is more plastic and soft.

For the manufacture of hyacinth will need the following materials:
• Corrugated paper in different colors, green should be required;
• PVA glue;
• Skewers, for sushi, long skewers or the like;
• Scissors.

colored paper

In order for the flower to be lush and voluminous, it is necessary to cut off a strip of the following size from paper: 60 cm in length and about 7 cm in width (you can slightly more). In order to make it more convenient to cut and this process took less time, we add a strip of several additions. After that, on one side, along the length we make frequent cuts about 1 cm wide, without reaching 1.5-2 cm to the other edge.

cut paper

Now we proceed to the most laborious and unattractive process. Each notched strip will need to be twisted with a wooden stick (it does not slip) until the end of the notch, only carefully so as not to tear. You can capture 2-3 stripes at a time at the same time to speed up the progress of this painstaking work.


You should get such a curly pretty strip of paper.

curly pretty strip

At the next stage, we will glue this strip with curls on a wooden stick using PVA glue, which will be applied to it gradually as the paper winds. Here you need to do everything carefully, as the paper moistened with glue becomes soft and can tear. It is necessary to start from the very tip of the stick and wrap a strip of paper on it obliquely.

wrap a strip on it

Top curls should be directed upwards.
Turnovers should be done closer to each other so that the flower turns out to be denser, then it will look more beautiful and richer. Wound paper on a stick should occupy a little less than half its length or exactly half.

exactly half

Now that the flower itself is ready, we proceed to the production of a green stem and two leaves. Here you will need green corrugated paper, from which it will be necessary to cut an even strip of 20-25 cm long and about 1.5 cm wide. We immediately cut out leaves of different sizes: larger and smaller. To make it convenient to cut, you should fold the paper in half, then they will turn out symmetrical.

green stem and two leaves

We also wrap the green strip on the stick along the oblique, while holding it gently with your fingers and gradually fixing it with PVA glue.

Wrap a green strip

The leaves should be slightly bent with the fingers in the middle, so that they turn out a little concave and look more beautiful and realistic. A smaller sheet needs to be glued a little higher, and a larger one a little lower.

corrugated paper hyacinths

The flower is ready and hyacinths of different colors can be made according to this principle, the bouquet will turn out beautiful and unusual.

corrugated paper hyacinths
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Comments (2)
  1. Diana
    #1 Diana Guests April 9, 2015 11:27
    The flowers turned out super-duper :-). Thank you for the idea! :-) :-) :-)
  2. Maksim
    #2 Maksim Guests February 18, 2017 12:05
    I have not tried it yet. I think it will turn out so cool)

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