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You can make a wonderful soft toy out of a pair of ordinary socks, which can be not only an attribute for children's games, but also a wonderful decorative element in the overall interior of your home. The following master class will tell you how to make such a cute kitten with your own hands.

soft toy from socks

To sew a soft toy you will need such materials and tools:
a pair of new socks;
- filler (cotton wool, holofiber, synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer);
- threads for embroidery of brown, green and pink flowers;
- threads for sewing;
-buttons (2 pieces);
- pink fabric (felt, fleece, knitwear, cotton);
- a simple pencil;

For sewing soft toys

Instructions for making toys from socks.
1. Turn the socks on the wrong side.
2. On one toe, outline the contours of the front and back legs of the figure with lines.

hind legs figurines

3. On the second sock we outline the sketch of the head and tail.

make the kitten’s body

4. We flash the parts along the outlined contours as shown in the photo.

make the kitten’s body

make the kitten’s body

5. Cut the socks into parts, departing from the seams by 0.5 centimeters.

kitten parts

6. Turn all the blanks on the front side.

kitten parts

7. We stuff the body of the toy with the filler through the holes in the legs. Then sew the holes with a neat seam.

stuff the body

8. Fill the head.

stuff your head

9. Stitch the part of the head along the edge with stitches, tighten the thread and fasten with a knot.

we sew

10. Fill the part of the tail and sew up the hole.


11. Sew the head to the body.

we sew the head

12. Sew on the tail.

we sew the head

13. From the fabric, cut out the detail of the nose. Sew it in small stitches in the right place on the head of the figure.


14. Threads for green embroidery sew buttons (eyes).

kitten eyes

15. Brown embroidery floss embroider antennae and mouth.

sock kitten

The soft toy "Kitten" from socks is made. Inspiration and pleasant minutes of creativity!

sock kitten
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  1. anonymous
    #1 anonymous Guests May 16, 2015 12:46
    thanks for the idea
  2. stinkor
    #2 stinkor Guests October 29, 2015 20:39
    WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!! BOUGHT LONG
  3. Diana
    #3 Diana Guests January 2, 2016 23:21
    Cool kitten and most importantly easy !!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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