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Materials needed to transform the old vase:
1. Old vase, preferably transparent - 1 pc.
2. Paint in a spray can green - 1 pc.
3. Paper tape of medium width - 1 pc.
4. Various ribbons, rhinestones, sequins, beads.
5. Thermogun with glue.
6. Acrylic paint - the color of gold and silver.
7. The brush is narrow.

Stages of transformation of an old vase:
1. For this master class, absolutely any vase (whether it is old or new), which first needs to be cleaned of the old decor, washed well and dried with a towel, is suitable. So, we will prepare all the necessary materials.

necessary materials

2. At the next stage, we will need paper tape, with which it is necessary to paste over our vase in an arbitrary order.

paste over our vase

You can stick this tape around the vase, it can be in length, and also in the form of a spiral - in general, as you like. I glued paper tape in the form of rectangles with different lengths.
3. At this stage we will need spray paint in a spray can of any color you like. I chose the color green metallic. It is better to paint on the street, having previously placed a plastic bag (or something else that is not needed) under the vase, so as not to stain anything. You need to paint at least 2 layers. Shake the spray can well, and then start spraying the paint at a distance of about 20-30 cm, gently scrolling the vase. Do not bring the can too close to the vase, as smudges may form on it. Leave the vase to dry the paint for about 15 minutes. Then repeat everything again. If the color is not bright enough, you can cover the vase 3 and 4 with a layer.

green metallic

After painting, the vase should dry well (about 1 hour).
4. When the paint on the vase dries, you must very slowly and carefully remove the paper tape.

take off paper tape

If you hurry, then with tape you can remove the paint!
5. After removing the paper tape, rectangles with uneven edges will appear on the vase. These edges need to be decorated. This can be done with any materials you have - ribbons, sequins, beads, rhinestones, etc. In this case, I used a plastic thread from rhinestones.

rectangles on a vase

6. In order to gently close the uneven edges of the rectangles, it is necessary to cut the right amount from the thread with rhinestones and use a heat gun to glue it to the vase.

from thread with rhinestones

Perform this procedure with all the rectangles on the vase.

painted areas of a vase

from thread with rhinestones

Use a heat gun carefully so that the glue does not get on the painted areas of the vase, because this can damage the paint.
7. Using a gold-colored acrylic paint and a brush, apply strokes of curls to an arbitrary vase.

using acrylic paint

8. Also using acrylic paint, but only already silver, paint the inside of the rectangles.

begins to live a new life

9. That's all, our old vase begins to live in a new way! Such a vase will be a decoration in any interior. In it you can put not only fresh flowers, but also artificial ones.

New life of an old vase

New life of an old vase
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