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Perhaps, every housewife after cooking dinner has an egg shell, which inevitably falls into the bin. But you can show imagination, and this unnecessary material will be a great decor for many things. Egg shells can decorate vases, photo frames, caskets, and make paintings. We will make a beautiful unusual flower pot.

To work, we need:
1. Directly the flower pot itself. It can be an ordinary plain or shabby pot, a can of mayonnaise or an old plastic bucket.
2. Egg shells.
3. PVA glue.
4. Brushes for applying glue and varnish.
5. Construction varnish.

First of all, you need to stock up on the main tool - the shell. It is suitable for both boiled eggs and raw ones. The color can also be different: from white to light brown. And it is even necessary that a shell of different colors be available so that the picture looks more spectacular. To begin with, eggshells need to be prepared. For this, immediately after using the eggs, fill the shell with warm water for about 2 hours in a container.


This is done so that the inner film is well separated from the shell.

we separate the films

After removal, discard the film, and put the shell on a towel and let it dry thoroughly.

let dry

In the process of preparation, it can sometimes happen that small pieces of shells are cracked. We do not throw them away, they are also very useful. By the way, it is more convenient to work with small pieces.
An important condition of the process is that the surface to be decorated must be cleaned and dried beforehand. We clean it and degrease it with alcohol or nail polish remover.

wipe the pot

So, everything is ready, proceed to applying slices of eggshell on your chosen product. Apply PVA glue with a brush in small portions to a small area of ​​the pot. We work with small areas, since the glue dries very quickly. We take a piece of the shell, smear it with glue and apply it to the surface of the product, pressing down a little. You need to press so that the shell crunches. You can do this directly with your finger, as well as using a toothpick or match. Then we distribute the pieces a short distance from each other.

glue the shell

In the manufacturing process, we show imagination and imagination. You can alternate dark pieces of shell with light to get an unusual pattern.

small distance from each other

In order to fix the shell more reliably, we cover with glue on top.


As soon as we paste the shell on the entire surface, let the pot dry well during the day. Then gently varnish the product for exterior and interior use. For the best effect, you can choose a varnish with any shade, such as "Oak".

varnish for exterior and interior use

If the surface to be decorated is small, for example, a photo frame, then we can fix the shell and simply with nail polish. The work is ready.

Flower decoration
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  1. Olesya
    #1 Olesya Guests March 2, 2014 20:02
    It turned out very well! I’ll try to repeat, I didn’t even expect that such a beauty comes out of a simple shell!

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