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To work, you will need:
1. a set of knitting needles of 5 pieces size No. 3. For knitting children's socks, an average length is sufficient.
2. threads for knitting Alize Classic made in Turkey. Composition 49% wool and 51% acrylic. The weight of one skein is 100 grams, the total length is 390 meters in a skein. To work, you need three colors. The main white and two additional: dark blue and green. For socks for 3-4 years, you can use the remains of the thread, because minimum consumption (even for the main color, 1/5 skein is enough).
3. hook No. 3 (it will be required only to remove the ends of the threads covering the product itself).

Loop Set:
For socks for 3-4 years, size 25, foot length of about 18 cm, you need to dial 52 loops with a white thread.

For work it will be required

We leave the gathered loops on 1 spoke, we simply remove the second. Then we distribute 13 loops to 4 knitting needles. Knitting start by joining the first and fourth knitting needles. Thus, from 52 loops evenly distributed over 4 working knitting needles, an equilateral pit should be obtained.

Loop set

The elastic band consists of three stripes, two white and one dark blue. Knitting begins with white color according to the 2x2 scheme, 2 front loops x 2. It is more convenient to start the first row with front loops. The elastic band is knitted 10 rows of white, then 10 rows of blue, the third white strip of elastic - 10 rows. Thus, the height of the gum will be 7 cm.

Main part:
Without adding or decreasing the number of loops after the elastic, the main part continues with a white thread only with facial loops. All 52 stitches remain on the knitting needles. 3 rows of transition to the main part is enough

Knitting heel:
Prerequisite: the required number of loops is transferred to 1 spoke. The rest remain on 2 knitting needles. Work continues only on knitting the length of the heel.
For work, 26 stitches for 1 knitting needle are taken. White thread with facial loops on the outside, wrong side when knitting the reverse row. Thus, 7 rows are knitted - this is the main height (approximately equal to 2 cm).
In the following rows 2 loops are knitted together (on the front side) according to the scheme:

8 row - 8 + 9 loop and 17 and 18 loop
9 row (and all odd ones) - all loops are purl
10 row - 7 + 8 loop and 17 and 18 loop
12 row - 6 +7 loop and 17 and 18 loop
14 row - 5 +6 loop and 17 and 18 loop
16 row - 4+ 5 loop and 17 and 18 loop
18 row - 3+ 4 loop and 17 and 18 loop
20 row - 2 + 3 loop and 17 and 18 loop
22 row - 1+ 2 loop and 17 and 18 loop

Thus, the heel is closed on the working needle remains 9 loops

Loop set

It is necessary to continue the work as follows: based on the length of the heel, it is necessary to dial 9 loops on each side.


Work with the heel is finished. The work should get 54 loops. If you made a mistake in the calculation somewhere, it's okay, you can always add the missing loop at this stage.


Knitting foot:
After all 54 loops in operation, it is necessary to knit 3 rows with a white thread. Then we continue with the ornament.

Figure to perform facial loops.
You can knit a Christmas tree on only one of the socks - this will help parents in teaching the baby the concepts of left and right, if you put on (for example, only on the left leg) a sock with a Christmas tree. Blue pattern rapports are knitted in a circle of the whole product, the Christmas tree is knitted alone on the upper part of the foot.

Main part

You can calculate the middle for the Christmas tree by simply dividing all the loops by 2, keep the calculation from the middle of the heel (from the fifth loop of the closed heel)


Knitting heel

Product closure:
We close the product on both sides with front loops according to scheme 2 together 1 front 2 together, then 22 front, 2 together 1 front 2 together. In each subsequent row of loops becomes 2 less. The last 4 loops cover the entire product. Cut the remaining thread at a distance sufficient to knit 2-3 loops. Hide the tip in the pigtail obtained from closing with a hook.
Socks are ready.

Children's socks with a Norwegian ornament

Children's socks with a Norwegian ornament

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