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Give and receive gifts very nice. However, sometimes it happens that there is a gift, but everyone forgot about packaging or did not have time to prepare it. The way out of this situation is very simple - do-it-yourself gift wrapping! Now I will teach you how to make a simple, but very nice box, the creation of which you will need no more than half an hour.

What you should have:
• A sheet of thick paper. Depending on the gift that you are going to put inside, choose a sheet of A4, A3 format and so on.
• Ruler.
• Pencil.
• Scissors.
• Ribbon or beautiful brooch to secure the box.

What should you have

The first thing we need to do is a pattern. It is very simple and allows you to make boxes faster in the future. We measure a strip of 10 cm or more if you need a larger box. We find the middle of the strip - 5 cm and rise 5 cm up, put a dot there. We also find the bottom point and draw a rhombus. Now we find the middle of the sidewall of the rhombus and from it we go up by 7 cm along the cells. We set the points on all sides. Further, using a round line or a plate, I made it a plate, we draw semicircular petals. The pattern is ready.

make a pattern

We put it on the sheet, circle and cut the blank under the box.

Attach and circle

We begin to fold the side lobes. This is easier to do with a ruler, then all the bends will be even.

fold side lobes

It remains to tie a bow from a ribbon or put on a beautiful brooch so that it holds the petals of the box and you're done.

Gift Wrapping

You can wrap a gift and in such packaging it will be more pleasant to give it. And the recipient of the gift will be glad to know that you made the packaging yourself, and it turned out so beautiful and original.

DIY gift wrapping

Experiment with color, size and weight of paper and surprise your friends with unusual gifts!
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