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Soap made with your own hands is that small miracle that almost anyone can do, but few people know about. But this is not only interesting and exciting, but also very useful. Soap made from a finished soap base does not require any special knowledge in the field of chemistry, the presence of a special education or sophisticated equipment. All that is needed for this process you can easily find in a pharmacy or a store for soap makers, since now there are a lot of those.
But the most important condition is the presence of desire, good mood and complete confidence in the ultimate success!

To make soap with swirls, we need:
- transparent soap base - 170 gr
- soap base white - 260 gr
- flavoring or cosmetic fragrance
- dye (pigment paste, or gel dye)
- glycerin - 1 teaspoon
- any water-soluble oil (almond, peach, apricot, jojoba, grape seed oil) - 1 teaspoon
- alcohol
- tanks for melting the soap base
- scales
- silicone shape with smooth edges
- wooden or glass sticks for mixing
- alcohol spray bottle

So, we proceed directly to the manufacture of soap.
1. We prepare all the necessary ingredients.

essential ingredients

2. We measure and weigh the white and transparent soap base. We cut it into even, small cubes and place it in heat-resistant containers for melting.

We cut

3. There are two ways to melt. Either in the microwave or on the stove using a water bath. The soap base should melt completely. To prevent lumps from forming in it, periodically you need to stir it with a wooden or glass stick. The molten base is like ordinary water. You must also monitor the temperature to prevent overheating.

Molten base

4. Divide the molten white base into two parts and pour into separate cups. To paint one cup in yellow, another in violet. To do this, you need to drip a few drops of cosmetic dye into the base and immediately mix thoroughly. The amount of dye depends on the desired color saturation. But usually 3-6 drops are enough. There we add flavoring, water-soluble almond oil and glycerin. Mix.


5. Sprinkle the bottom and walls of the silicone mold with alcohol and pour the molten transparent base. Sprinkle the surface with alcohol.

pour into the form

6. Wait until the transparent base is covered with a thin film and slightly thickens and then gently and smoothly pour 1/3 of the purple base into it. It should slightly “break through” the bottom layer. Sprinkle its surface with alcohol.

7. Then do the same with the prepared yellow base.

Sprinkle its surface with alcohol

8. Thus, it is necessary to alternate several layers, monitoring their pouring into each other and not forgetting to spray each new layer with alcohol.

prepared base yellow

9. Leave the hardening soap for about 1 hour, then carefully remove it from the mold and cut it.

alternate multiple layers

10. The handmade soap with swirls is ready!

Soaps with swirls from the base
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