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To work, you will need:
1. a set of knitting needles of 5 pieces size No. 3, do not choose long models. For knitting mittens, the average length is considered the best option.
2. a special knitting pin (it is better if it will also be No. 3, they will not spoil the product and options No. 2,5; 3,5 and even 4).
3. knitting threads Alize Classic made in Turkey. Composition 51% acrylic and 49% wool. This is quite enough for single-row mittens, suitable for maintaining heat at temperatures up to -10 degrees, or for engaging in active sports (skiing, ice skating, etc.). Weight 100 grams, the length of the thread in the skein 390 meters. By purchasing threads of three colors (in our case: black, white and red), you can safely count on 5 pairs of mittens (3 pairs of men and 2 pairs of women) with different patterns (in each pair it is worth alternating the main colors).
4. hook No. 3 (it will be required only to remove the ends of the threads covering the product itself and the finger).

Loop Set:
For women's mittens (approximate size 7) we dial 52 loops with a black thread on 2 knitting needles.

Women's mittens with a Norwegian star 1

We leave the gathered loops on 1 spoke, we simply remove the second. Then we distribute 13 loops to 4 knitting needles. Knitting start by joining the first and fourth knitting needles. Thus, from loops distributed on 4 knitting needles, an equilateral cup is obtained.

From the first row, we start knitting the elastic by dividing all the loops into a 2x2 scheme (2 wrong x 2 front). Starting a row is more convenient with facial loops. The elastic knits 30 rows with an average density of knitting. In such a density, the height of the elastic should be 7.5 cm.
Main part:
The transition from the gum to the main part is carried out without adding loops and without changing the color. All 52 loops remain in operation. Knitting continues only with facial loops. The height of the black rapport is 10 rows, which corresponds to 2 cm.

Finger base:
At 3.5 cm (approximately 15 rows) 9 stitches are strung on a pin. Above them, on the fifth spoke, 9 loops are typed, which continue to knit this row. Thereby, all 43 loops of the main part and 9 newly dialed loops are connected into the cup.

Rubber band 2

Further knitting continues with a drawing of a Norwegian star. The whole pattern is done only with facial loops.

scheme 4

scheme 4

Ornament 5

Ornament 6

Ornament 6

Ornament 7

Product Closure:
2 loops are knitted together, 1 facial, again 2 together, then 27 facial, 2 together, 1 facial, 2 together. Where 2 are knitted together, each time it is necessary to close again 2 loops in a new row. So it turns out a double pigtail, which fits to the remainder of 4 loops. 4 loops cover the entire product.

Product Closure 8

Finger knitting:
9 loops from the pin are removed on the knitting needle, the second knitting needle (from the ones dialed earlier) gets another 9 loops. The finger is knitted with front loops with a black thread of 22 rows. We close, starting the calculation: 2 together, front, 2 together, 7 front.

Knit 9

Knitting 10

Knitting 10

Knitting 10

Knitting 11

Mittens are ready.

Mittens ready 12

Mittens ready 13
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