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Very often old furniture so deeply rooted in our lives that there is no way to part with it, there’s practically no way. This is exactly the situation with the old wardrobe at the beginning of the last century. The world around him has changed, the apartment has acquired a modern look, and the closet stubbornly stood in its place, not wanting to give way to modern brothers.

old cupboard

The old cupboard absolutely did not meet the general style of the room, did not fit into the surrounding furniture and had a dull reddish color.
But nevertheless, a bold decision was made - to restore the old man and leave it in its original place.
A quick inspection revealed a lot of cracks, chips and crevices.

mass of cracks and chips

The first stage of restoration work is always the removal of all weakly adhering elements and the old varnish, if any.
In order for the old varnish to completely disappear, it is necessary to apply a special wash for varnishes and paints to the entire surface of the cabinet. Rinse is applied with a brush or steel spatula. After 20-30 minutes, the wash will dissolve the old varnish. After that, you need to thoroughly clean the surface with a spatula, and then with hard sanding paper. Now the cabinet surface is uniformly clean, dry and rough.

dry and rough

Now you need to carefully and carefully "heal" all the cracks and scratches on the surface of the wood. To do this, we need a special putty on wood and a soft rubber spatula. All defects are overwritten with putty and polished with fine sanding paper as they dry.

sanded with sanding paper

Next, cover all surfaces with a liquid tinted stain.

cover with tinted stain

To achieve the effect of uniformity, 3-4 layers with intermediate drying for 2 hours will be needed. After the final layer of stain, it is necessary to dry the wood for 20-30 hours at room temperature. Now you can proceed to the initial coating with varnish. To do this, it is best to use a modern water-based acrylic varnish. Evenly varnish all surfaces of the cabinet.


The varnish is applied to the surface with a special brush with a hard natural pile. The direction of movement of the brush should be from top to bottom, and never vice versa.

When the varnish dries, you can proceed to decorate the cabinet. To do this, we need a self-adhesive furniture edging with the effect of "gold". With this edging we decorate the side walls of the cabinet, the facade and especially the central casement of the cabinet.

edging decorate the side walls

If necessary, you can replace the inner tire for outerwear. In modern stores, you can pick up a metal or wooden tire and fasteners for it.

Now proceed to the final varnishing. To do this, use a special ultra-gloss varnish in an aerosol can. This varnish is very easy and even to apply and gives the product a novelty and chic.

cabinet casement

Trims of furniture edging can be used to decorate interior drawers and shelves.

Apply evenly.

It’s enough to spend only 3-4 days on all these pleasant chores, but now the old great-grandmother’s wardrobe has found a second life and fits perfectly into the modern interior.

in a modern interior
come back
Comments (5)
  1. Rus
    #1 Rus Guests February 20, 2015 14:15
    Great job!
  2. Marina
    #2 Marina Guests March 16, 2015 14:19
    Awesome! Tell me, what color stain is used?
  3. Nastya
    #3 Nastya Guests September 17, 2015 11:59
  4. Ivan
    #4 Ivan Guests November 3, 2015 23:26
    You probably don’t know the meaning of the words restoration?
  5. Sania
    #5 Sania Guests June 11, 2016 10:58
    Tell me my kitchen cabinet is of very high quality, but the surface of the cabinet makes itself felt, that is, fat is already deteriorating from food. When you wipe it, it doesn’t wipe off as there is fat.

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