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There probably isn’t such a design that doesn’t take into account such cute and heart-pleasing everyday trifles as paintings, frames, clocks, candles and of course candle holders - they will always find a place even in the most conceptual interior.
And do-it-yourself decor elements in the interior give a special cosiness. They illuminate the room in which they are located, with the warmth of love embedded in the product by its creator. In the literal sense of these words, heat and light, in addition to traditional electric lamps, floor lamps and lamps, give candles.
Candles and candlesticks were, are and remain relevant at all times.
A rather interesting candlestick made of sea salt at home can easily be created by anyone.

To implement the idea, you will need the following materials:
- glass jar;
- coarse sea salt;
- PVA glue;
- disposable devices - fork and knife;
- flat salt container;
- a small candle.

salt glue jar

So, let's get started!
First of all, it is necessary to prepare a glass jar. Wash it well, remove the labels and let it dry. It is important that the throat of the jar is wide enough and the existing candle can calmly fit inside.
After the first preparations, you can start and cover the jar with a layer of PVA glue. In this case, the glue is quite thick, it must be smudged over the entire surface of the can evenly, without lumps. This is most conveniently done with a disposable plastic knife. If the glue is more liquid, then it is better to use a brush.


Then, sea salt is poured into a flat container (in this case, it is a substrate from under the legs). The salt must be large so that the crystals look voluminous.

pour sea salt

A jar is placed in the poured salt - one side, and it scrolls 360 degrees, you can roll it back and forth so that the salt properly sticks around it from all sides.

jar of salt

scroll the jar

The jar turned out to be “crystal” in full, only its main part.
Thereby comes the turn of the neck of the can. Glue is applied with a knife, the knife is wiped and salt can be applied with it. It is very convenient, since it bends under the uneven shape of the can and the crystals are stacked evenly.
Further, the very edge of the neck is carefully lubricated with glue and the can is lowered with its upper part into the salt.

The jar turned out to be crystal

crystal jar

glue throat

The jar turned out neck

Just a few minutes the bank should stand in this position and you can safely turn it back to its original position.
An ordinary glass jar has turned into a crystal-crystal candlestick. The bank needs to be allowed to dry, removed for an hour and a half to a place where there is no draft and heat.

should stand

crystal crystal candlestick

When the jar is dry, you can put a candle in it.

put a candle in it

And light up! It looks like candlelight in daylight.
And so it looks in the dark. Fascinating and mysterious.

can add it with salt

sea ​​salt candle holder

sea ​​salt candle holder

If food coloring is available, you can add it with salt and then the candlestick will sparkle with different colors.
On winter evenings, when it gets dark early and for a long time, such a candlestick will be especially relevant. And you can make several cans of different sizes at once, arrange them around the room, light candles in them and immerse yourself in the mysterious brilliance of your own creations.
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