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New Year is coming, and we want to decorate our Christmas tree somehow very beautifully and at the same time, original and unusual. Therefore, today's master class will come in handy for us, thanks to which we will decorate plastic balls in technique on our own decoupage.

Materials that we will need:
• Two large plastic balls with a diameter of 8-9 cm, it is better to take a silver color, so as not to fade;
• Two napkins for decoupage: with New Year's gnomes and Santa Claus;
• White acrylic paint;
• PVA glue;
• Acrylic varnish for decoupage;
• Fan-shaped brush;
• Glass or ceramic plates;
• Kitchen foam sponge;
• Spangles for decoration;
• Two bamboo sticks.


pour white paint

We lay the package on the table, remove the top hats from the balls, take the ball at the top. Now we pour white paint in one plate, dip a sponge into it and start coloring the ball. First, paint one ball, carefully put it on a bamboo stick and leave to dry, then paint the second ball, also put on a stick.


dries on plastic

The first coat of paint dries on plastic for about an hour. Then we paint the second layer and the third with intervals for drying.

paint the second layer

napkins for decoration

We prepare napkins for decoration. Iron them and unfold them. In the second bowl, we dilute the water with PVA glue to the nanofields, stir well.

we dilute water with glue

break fragments

Immediately break off fragments with drawings on napkins.

drawings on napkins

Remove the top layers

We remove the upper layers from each fragment of the napkin, we get these blanks.


Attach a drawing

We apply one drawing to the ball and carefully dip the brush into the glue mixture, glue the drawing to the ball, then the second fragment in a circle.

glue the picture

third and fourth

Also the third and fourth. Let the surface of the ball dry completely. For now, decorate the second ball in the same sequence.


Both balls dry

Both balls dry, put on their hats and begin to varnish them.

Decoupage Christmas balls


We cover the balls with 3-4 layers of glossy acrylic varnish. Balls become glossy and can be sprinkled with sparkles for decoration. That's how we got balls for a handmade Christmas tree.

Decoupage Christmas balls
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Comments (1)
  1. Tatyana
    #1 Tatyana Guests December 10, 2015 17:51
    Do you have a paint layer that doesn’t wear off when applying varnish? And didn’t sand the balls first, didn’t cover the primer?

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