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In the city, not all owners agree to bring the New Year tree into the house, arguing that there is no place. But what is the New Year holiday without the smell of needles? Be sure to bring home some real spruce paws, and make a Christmas wreath with your own hands. It will give the festive atmosphere the true smell of the new year.

Spruce wreath

Fir branches, cardboard, threads, transparent universal glue, cones, lemon, cinnamon stick, beads and satin ribbons for decoration - all that we need. From cardboard, you need to cut the base for the wreath. You can outline a large diameter plate, and in it a plate of a smaller diameter and cut along the contour.

Fir branches cardboard thread

1. On a cardboard base, branches will be superimposed one after another, each of which needs to be wrapped with thread.

branches are laid on cardboard

2. Gradually, all the cardboard in a circle will disappear behind the branches and you get a fluffy neat wreath that can only be decorated.

cardboard in a circle will hide

3. Wrap a thin red satin ribbon with a wreath in the direction of the branches and tie the ends of the ribbon.

Wrap with satin ribbon

4. We do the same with the gold thread from the sequins.

with gold sequin thread

5. Now we fix the cones on the wreath. By themselves, they are already quite beautiful, but not enough sparkles for festivity. They can be decorated with snow from a spray can and sprinkled with sparkles.

sequin for festivity

6. We fix smart cones with transparent universal glue.

fix the cones on the wreath

7. Sliced ​​lemon mugs do not have to be dry. Another juicy lemon will give a wonderful citrus aroma, and cinnamon will give a spicy charm to all smells. We also fix them with glue, but you can use a thin wire and tie the decorating elements to the branches of the spruce.

lemon and cinnamon

8. The conclusion will be a charming golden bow and small gold beads.

DIY fir wreath

The glue used takes a lot of time to dry, so you should hold the New Year’s wreath horizontally for at least 10 hours. If the wreath is not heavy, you can hang it on the refrigerator by gluing magnets to the cardboard. It will be appropriate to fix the spruce masterpiece on the door and the free wall.
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