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Funny, cute toy elephant calf will appeal to everyone! A small, bright, funny miracle will bring a lot of joy to the kids. Well, who would not be pleased to have such a cute animal that can be easily put in your pocket, hidden in your purse or even used as a keychain!
Such a toy can also be a great gift, which will be especially appreciated, as it will be made with your own hands, and therefore unique and unique! In addition, elephants have always been considered talismans for happiness, prosperity and good luck!
Sewing such a baby elephant is very easy. Quite a bit of time and a minimum of materials for work. Let's get started?

Toy baby elephant

Materials for work:
fabric (small size) - any color and structure (for example, cotton)
some felt - for ears
filler - polyester or cotton
beads (black) for eyes - 2 pcs.
lace - thin

Print the elephant’s pattern, and then cut out the details.


Fold the fabric in half so that the front is inside. Mark with a marker on fabric the cut out pattern of details. Then sew them along the contour. Be sure to leave a small hole. We need it to fill the filler.

Fold the fabric in half

Scissors cut the part along the contour (in zigzags).

cut along the contour

Then twist it. This can easily be done with any delicate object (sticks, brushes, and so on).

turn out

Fill the baby elephant through the hole. Start with the trunk, which is filled especially carefully, and then the whole body.

fill the elephant with filler

To make a ponytail, grab a string. Tie a knot at one end. Pull the lace into the eye of the needle and extend the toy to it in place of the tail (from the inside). Then pull the cord.

pull the lace

Tie a knot and fluff the end of the lace.

Tie a knot

Sew in the hole.

Sew a hole

Cut the ears out of felt. Sew the outer edges with colored thick threads.

cut the ears

Place the ears on the toy head symmetrically and sew (with thick threads).


Sew to the head black beads - eyes. Embroider eyelashes over them with black thread.

symmetry for the eyes

That's all, the wonderful little elephant is ready! You can sew a lot of such cute animals! They can be of different colors or even multi-colored. Imagine, dare! And who knows, maybe you want to make a whole herd of such funny elephants?

evil bead
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